Moe Norman shows his Master Move, Vertical Drop, Coin Drill. Golf swing instruction

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Moe Norman shows what he believed to be the most important part of his golf swing. The transition, vertical drop, master move, horizonatal tug.

This video comes from the two part video also posted here on youtube. Which is from the 1994 PGA coaching and teaching conference where Moe Norman was interviewed as part of the ceremony acknowledging him as the “greatest ball striker” of all time. Craig Shankland was the interviewer and ask Moe many questions about his golf swing. It is a great question and answer video.

Based on my more than 20+ years experience in learning from Moe, studying his swing, and teaching it I personally do not believe it to be a good idea to exactly copy Moe’s golf swing. My Setup 4 Impact golf swing has a number of similarities to Moe’s swing, but also many differences which enable individuals to customize their own golf swings to get the fastest improvement possible. For a comparison of the two please see
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Garth Downton says:

His hips do open but only to accommodate his sequence of motion, not to generate power and lag as in the conventional swing . If u fired the hips to generate power while in Moe's hitting position you better have an ambulance nearby . Moe hit into his legs not on top of his legs as he has stated. IMO this is the least understood fundament of his move next to the grip . He also states that he eliminated one foot of the backswing . They will be another century figuring out that comment if ever . The most important foot in ANY golf swing and he eliminated it !!! Solve that missing foot and you will FULLY understand how his move works over and over!!! Do you need to hit thousands of balls NO ! You need to hit TEN with a full understanding of what it is that makes this move work then you can hit as many as you like to fine tune !! Enjoy the challenge !

MrZocor says:

It's s easy…. 5 million golf balls, and 7 years later.

chang jin Choi says:

Why are there no videos thar show how played each holes of a golf course like any other golfers, showing him playing one by one holes for us be ablbe to see how he played a par 72 couse at 50 some strokes? Just showing his iron shots at a practicing mode doesn't demonstrate me, us how well he could play a full par 72 course. Please respond my question explained above.

Chuck Adams says:

All u have to do is listen to that nice crisp click every time !!!!!!!!

okolekahuna says:

Moe is the perfect example that you can be the best ball striker (so he says) and never win a PGA tournament. Or at least I think…

z1ti says:

maybe this is what he feels but thats not what his body does. his thoughts somehow lead him to swinging it decent, but his thoughts are something that most people would not be able to replicate by his explanation.

Joey A says:

Help me understand this: if his ball control was so great, why is it that he didn't win a single major?

sam fu says:

lol good luck hitting a big block right

fradaja says:

his hips do turn

GrandmasterN says:

He's like autistic savant. He might hit the ball pure, but he looks to absolutely no power at all in that swing.

Hitting a ft in-front of the ball… That much downwards attack angle is going to hurt your length of the tee…..

MrZocor says:

His hips turn just like anyone else.

Ron Childs says:
he won 1 of 3 tournaments he entered

Ron Childs says:

Moe on his worse day would beat 99% of you commenting. He's trying to explain in his own words how it works for HIM! At impact he is in perfect position for his swing at the point of contact. Golf is a game of feel and for anyone to try to correct his approach to explaining…..your an idiot. Read his story and the reason why he never stayed on the US Tour.

Melissa Smith says:

Yeah, but he hits a 3 wood 150

ge10good says:

I believe moe norman was the only player that ben hogan watched practice. Moe was dead straight but too short off the tee to compete on the tour, although i believe he did win once

GolfLivesMatter 1 says:

Sorry…I'll take Tigers swing any day. Moe's hips move first…his brain tells him otherwise. This "all shoulders" will create a new generation of over-the-top folks who will keep buying new clubs until a set fixes the problem, or get frustrated and quit.

Jay Johnson says:

The way he centers his mass on his feet is so good. His footwork/foundation is great.

Geo B says:

He addresses the ball like he's being frisked by the police.

Henry Tan says:

I recently adopted Moe's left foot movement, it really has a stabilizing effect on my swing, I strike ball more accurately. Yesterday despite my left knee injury, with Moe's footwork, I managed to walk the 18 holes, and shot a nice 82. I didn't has presssure on aching knee as the move doesn't require a knee twist. I feel like I can swing like this well into my 80's without a knee replacement. And that's a master move, I recommend it.

Ashton H says:

I`ve been playing golf for around Twenty years, struggling to break 90. After just reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I instantly, had the best round of the last 3-4 years. I have been struggling with my irons (driver OK but not much distance).

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