Moe Norman younger golf swing vs. older swing. (2001 vs. 1966) video analysis

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In this video I compare the golf swing of Moe Norman from his younger days on the right, to that as he was older on the left. This is the down the line view. Look for the face on view coming soon.

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Anthony Bingham says:

I have bee practicing this method and my game has been really improving in addition it has been allowing my back to heal

George Siter says:

As Moe got older he changed his grip to get rid of the overlap and went with no overlap or no interlock. It was a common baseball grip except that the left thumb was extended along the club and covered by the right hand.

Peter Pyrreb says:

Thanks, Kirk. your dedication and presentations are giving 'Moe the recognition in the annals of golf he so rightly deserves.

Moe Knows says:

Hi Kirk – do you need longer clubs using the one plane method?

Dennis Skey says:

Not sure how far Moe hit the ball.   It would seem his backswing was 230 degrees.

Iknowmoe says:

Nice to see his full back swing…. lot of misconceptions his swing never changed only his body as he got older…
Less flexibility, weight gain just got shorter SAME MOE until some one changed his grip well after his record making days…
Very nice..

Andrew Wiggins says:

again 2:58 on the left, isn't moe under the plane and swinging on a flat plane?

Lafayette Mitchell says:

simplicity is what works..Amazing guy..strange he's not as famous as Snead, Nicklaus, Palmer …I wonder why..

Dom Esposito, Ph.D. says:

"Excellent Job" in presenting Mo Norman; and your conclusion is clearly correct. His swing basically remained the same in all aspects. Also, enjoyed the pleasant nature of your commentary. … "Focused on the Facts" without any hype. … Nice Job.  

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