Moe Norman’s Master Move – Golf swing analysis video – Moe’s power lag secret

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In this video you can see exactly how Moe Norman performed the Master move, and vertical drop. This is a slow motion swing analysis for those who wish to learn to swing like the world’s best ever ball striker Moe Norman. Learn how Moe created such extraordinary lag in his golf swing, which was his true power source.

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Billy P says:

It is NOT a secret move!!! All good players make it…in sports in general that move has to be made!! secret my ass!!!!

Eka E says:

I have taken Golf swing lessons from this guide “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). They use important info like your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to make a model great for you. The lessons have been extremely useful, enabling me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 in the last year.

Coach Mike Craft says:

What was the name of the app?

Thomas Coffey says:

Moe Norman was a great ball striker. But I think it's dangerous to assume that everything he did was correct. There's not a ton of footage of Bryson Dechambeau from this angle but the little bit I could find suggests that his version of single plane involves much more hip rotation (and much less hip slide). From a theoretical standpoint and from my personal experience rotation is better. When you slide your body moves a lot more in relation to the ball. This extra movement adds unneeded complexity to the swing and creates more opportunities for things to go wrong. Just my two cents.

dano11000 says:

seems like a baseball teeball action then releases at the bottom not what they teach today

Lynn Carroll says:

Believe it or not, after watching your videos on YouTube, I grabbed my Pitching Wedge and went out into my yard — in the rain — using Moe's grip and practiced the single plane swing (which I've used before without much success). I think watching the videos and how simple the swing set up and actual swing is turned on a lot of lights for me. After making that slight change in my grip and a few practice swings at my plastic practice balls, I hit one over into my neighbor's yard, high and perfectly straight. I've never hit a practice ball that far. I'm 75 years old and I think I even heard a choir of heavenly angels singing in the background. What a wonderful swing!!!  If anything, I experienced a slight draw using my 7 club. Wet, but sold.

donato sammartino says:

Hi Kirk, I seemed to hitting my 7 iron through my woods to the right with a pull slice and/or push slice with Moe's swing. Any suggestions ? Thanks

Tim Flaherty, MBA says:

Good analysis

Wallin Litwa says:

What was the name of that software program you are using?

Tommy R. Asbury says:

Awesome Video!!!

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