Online Golf Instruction – Downswing Step 3-4

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Close – To Learn more about; how to swing a golf club, what indoor technology can do for you, and to learn what new and interesting products are coming out this year that can help you take your game to the next level!

In this series we will show you how to work on the fundamentals in your golf swing and break it down into a step by step process to success!


Joe Griggs Jr. says:

I have a lazy dropping of the club in the top of my backswing, for the life of me I could not stop doing it even when being video taped. Could it be that that pressure point on the left thumb when going up is the reason why I do that? I have never heard that reference but I am sitting right here in the den doing it as I watch ya and I have no break down at the top. Hmm? let me know/ And thanks!

Cho co says:

Based on what you say it is a casting motion garanteed ! What you really do on a real swing is different  So where's the missing piece of info ?

warhol200 says:

Excellent videos. Thank you!

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