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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond


comicuts says:

I've been struggling with striking my 5 & 6 irons for ages and love the simplicity of this method. I can't wait to get out there and try it – as until now I have found it hard to visualise how I alter the ball position and tend to hit everything but my Driver out of the middle. Top stuff!!

galva777tx says:

Thank you for the great info. I'm definitely going to try this next time I'm out at the range.👍👊👊👊

Jordan Martinka says:

ok, so basically every odd numbered club, u have a slightly wider stance? like 9 and 8 will be the same, 7 and 6 will be the same, and 5 and 4 will be the same? that may have been where i was struggling with my longer iron shots, i cant wait to try this out tomorrow

Ryan Jurgens says:

Stumbled across this video that you made a while back. Very good info Pete. Any updates a few years later you'd like to change? Cheers!

John T says:

Great video. Ball position has made such a huge improvement for me.. I can't believe how important this is.

Jordan Martinka says:

ive noticed your front foot is a pointed outward a little bit, is that help to hit it properly? not trying to be offensive, but i know ive heard older players with less flexibility should do this, but would it help? even if i have good flexibility?

andrew parker says:

Just started to play again after several years gap and this video was a great help ill be trying it out next weekend.

al akinyele says:

Bloody grt dude, i did this last and my pro said noooooooo. but i prefer this over ball in the middle. thanks grt job

Gerry rosales says:

mate you are such a fresh of breath air!!!! you provided answer to my long battle of frustration hehehe… thank you

Jose Lopez says:

thank you peter the drill its being helpfull

Tanmay Shah says:

Peter, thank you very much for your videos! Could your please create a playlist for Beginners??

Michael Holmes says:

Ahh… thank you! that illustrates it clearly for me.

Jakester1168 says:

Good stuff!

MrZocor says:

How far away do you stand from the ball?

Ben Jonson says:

KISS method.

Jay Kay says:

Bingo! I think I get it finally. The ball position for longer clubs longer than the 9 iron can't bottom out at the center. It's physically impossible unless you stand more upright, in which case your posture becomes less than athletic. That's why the longer the club, the ball needs to be out front due to the increased reach of the club, the torso needs to tilt back and the swing has to come slightly more from the side (especially with the driver and woods). Not conscious of all this, there have been days when my setup was better and others that was worse — ergo the inconsistent results. The outcome is decided even before the swing. Maybe being more conscientious of ball position, I will swing consistently better in the future. Thanks, Peter!

No Here Kruger says:

Rick Sheils says to always keep your sternum over the center of the ball, but you're saying from the 7 to 3 iron, that your sternum is slightly behind the ball. Any thoughts?

Eddie Barton says:

this video really helped my game thanks peter

onslaught5012 says:

Thank you Pete!
You're a natural teacher, very clear and easy understand, off to practice I go!

Richard Goodwyn says:

It is simple, straight to the point and something that works.

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