Peter Finch Golf Swing Sequence

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I thought I would upload this after some requests for more slow motion vids of my swing, plus it allowed me to test out my camera!!!


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Young Jang says:

Exactly what I was looking for! Would you do this with your "new" swing please?

Martin Wright says:

Such an effortless looking smooth golf swing. Definitely one to copy

SuperMozzman says:

I really like how you rotate your forearms through impact, can you do a video on this release ?

Iqbal Kathrada says:

Top 3 golf swings I have ever seen !!! Poetry in motion.

Julian Roberts says:

Love this video Peter such a simple concept but this is the first time I've seen it done by anyone. I'm sure this will help me immensely, thx for posting.

Laurent Scotta says:

Ok, I'll watch this video a hundred times before sleeping, and when I wake up I run to the range and swing just the same !

mike748golfsmith says:

Very nice swing Peter – very classic and flowing. Mike (from Srixon)

cyris ramos says:

What do you think about when you swing?

Michael Najera says:

When everything is going wrong and the world doesn't seem to make sense anymore,I come here, watch this swing, and suddenly everything becomes right again.

Roland O'Donnell says:

instead of longest shot they should have longest thrown club..same thing really.

Roland O'Donnell says:

watched in multiple times..

Miguel Dabu says:

You sir have a very beautiful swing.

Conrad Harle says:

Great swing, just showing my 6 year old who's just started what a golf swing should look like 🙂

Patrick Chan says:

Very smooth swing

Logan Knopp says:

You're the man Pete. Gorgeous swing.

fluffnstuff91 says:

hey Peter do you think you or Rick would take two different sets of titleist and compare them just to show how how much they have changed over the years like say an old school acushnet ac108 set compare to a more modern set? also because the ac108 is the set I use but got it for free which was pretty sweet and is a good set.

fluffnstuff91 says:

anyone on here including Peter ever used the titleist accushnet tungsten irons and wedges set before and if so what would be your feedback on them?

fluffnstuff91 says:

I have received a great amount of help from your vids. Some of the tips aren't usable for me though because I'm a big guy. all of the generals covered have been a great help thanks

Jason Olds says:

Watched this, subscribed, went to the range to work on that release and finish.
Hitting it better already!!!

tperri123 says:

This guy has one of the best looking golf swings I have ever seen

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