Practicing the Minimalist Same Plane golf swing – Hit straight and Long Golf shots.

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For more info on the Minimalist same plane golf swing visit my website at Guaranteed to help you improve, or you get your money back. There are also three swings to choose from. The conventional swing, Same Plane golf swing, and the Minimalist Single plane golf swing, which is perfect for those who have had a problem slicing their golf shots. The minimalist same plane swing is the ultimate slice fixing golf swing.

I invented this golf swing after more than 25 years of experience teaching both conventional golf and Single plane golf.

Visit my website at for more information and if you want support in learning the method sign up as a member there there is a 14 day free trial then it only costs $9.95 per month. You can also become a free subscriber and access the setup video. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Subscribe here on Youtube to be notified when more videos are released.

The single plane methods should not be confused with the One plane golf swing by Jim Hardy. Single plane is far easier to perform as we setup on the same plane we wish to make impact on. The one plane swing teaches that your leading arm should be on the same plane as your shoulders at the top of the golf swing. This is good advice, but works much better from the single plane golf setup.

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App Trail says:

great for driver off a tee but I hit my irons fat with hard draw

Jerry Talberg says:

Hi Kirk
I told you I tried your way and had made a real accuracy difference but other day I topped my drive with a ping G stretch wood ball was sitting in 2" rough 261 to flag par 4, I wanted to just get it down there used your setup and ended up 10' past flag for uphill birdie putt made par love it! Distance gained

Raymound sawyer says:

Thanks for the reply ok will check it out.

Raymound sawyer says:

Hi Kirk, Have noted that you have a great deal of spine tilt away from vertical more of a driver set up than & 7 iron. Can you explain this please?

Richard Degen says:

I am having success with this method!

Kent Mayhew says:

Do you feel your teaching and swing is identical to Todd Graves?

Robert Rasberry says:

Hi Kirk, your videos are great and seem to really simplify the process of converting to a single plan golf swing. I am determined to give it a go. How long do you recommend it will take before I should try it out on the course?

cavijaz says:

it looks very uncomfortable for you. Moe looks natural

Will Jennings says:

Hey Kirk I've changed to the minimalist single plane swing this past week. I have played a few rounds and I still have trouble hitting a little behind the ball and hitting it fat. When I hit it clean it goes perfectly straight. How can I adjust to stop hitting before the ball? Thank you for the videos as well. I went from shooting in the upper 90's to scoring mid to high 80's in the first week

Mark Woods says:

Thanks, just heard the distance

Mark Woods says:

How far do you hit the 7 iron with the single plane swing?

Bo Parker says:

I've gained a lot of distance especially with my driver and long woods/irons. Like Brian below, I too initially hooked the ball, but as I begin to point my hips towards the target more and leaning back to give the ball more lift, it straightened out to almost near perfect. Great job with your videos! Please keep them coming. I've already signed up for your website. 

Jay Medlin says:

Hi Kirk.  What should my eyes be focusing on takeaway to impact?  The back of the ball, or the 6-8" behind the ball where the club-head was initially addressed? 

Brian Norris says:

I've tried your technique of minimalist golf swing, but many of my shots result in a hook to the left as a right hand golfer. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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