Putting To Driver Swing Mechanics

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Golf Swing For Putting And Driving


edoardo barzano says:

sorry Jh a quick question when you skew your left shoulder your right foot is at 11 o clock?
I ve noticed a bit of an issue with longer irons going slightly right but I had my foot at 12 o clock…

phil makegs says:

looks very similar to the mindy blake reflex swing.

edoardo barzano says:

Hi JH, for some reason until now this is the video that has helped me most, scored really well today. Incredible how at first I thought you were exaggerating the right shoulder (drop) movement, but today I tried it and it worked fantastically for the first two hours, had some doubts on some feet alignment position after a while I was playing on 5 i shot I think I had them a it too side ways, kind of like when you Pitch, result wasn't great on the first try, better with the second ball.

you really should be put in the hall of fame of teachers. not only they are great teachings, but mostly funny, entertaining and on point.
Good on you for sharing your wisdom and experience with us…

Preston Lofton says:

Can you please show me more driver shots DTL so that I can see your ball flight off the tee .

frederick cannova says:

hi jh… i find this very helpful,,, because my hips are already turned so i am half way thru my swing at contact,,,,unfortunately it seems not to work too well with driver… any comment


Preston Lofton says:

I love your swing JH.
Preston from Japan

Fred Bailey says:

JH thanks for responding..I have been playing golf almost 3 years now and when I started I hurt my back and then discovered Moe!! I have watched many people talk about Moe but I have enjoyed some of your insider insight!! really great information and tips!! I play par bogey golf which I think is awesome for amount of time playing!! I really want to take my game to a better level of consistency..this method seems easier than Moe which amazes me!! Is there an email address that I could send you a few videos of my swing and I would enjoy your feedback and pay you

Fred Bailey says:

JH..can you produce this swing with the arm extended like Moe?

Steve Morgan says:

After a couple of sessions at the driving range I took this to the course today and shot 2 over my handicap, which is 11. I am really encouraged, because although I now need to get my iron distances rethought a little, i have no left knee pain because there is no twisting. Most enjoyable was the feeling that I couldn't overswing in the backswing which has been the cause of inconsistency. I hit 12 fairways which is great and felt in balance and relaxed. Thanks again for making these videos! I did try the sideways putting early in the round but reverted to my usual stance as I couldnt get the hang if it and I normally putt well anyway.

glen riley says:

Hi JH I have only just stumbled a cross your posts you really do simplify things (thank you for that ) I have tried this swing this weekend and truly had my best round ever and even broke 100 it really does work and only wish I lived in Aussie land so I could book some lessons. Only difficulty I have is wear to have the ball in my stance especially with driver. I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to advise me with this. Thanks for all the tuition vids you are doing a great job. Glen ( from England )

Robert James says:

I love this swing and set up. I have been struggling with fat, thin, slices, I just tried yours hitting inside my house. Wow! solid contact and the ball goes straight. I set the ball up in the natural position, maybe 4-5 inches from my forward foot, it appears that you hit off your trailing foot. Is this correct or is it just because of the camera angle. Thank you, great teachings and easy to understand.

Don Akers says:


rrasmussen32 says:

Wow, your videos are incredible.  I have learned more in the last two weeks than in the last 40 years playing the game.  Thank you.

Bluenose Scouser says:

I never seen this explained so good by anyone but yourself and I have never thought about applying it until now it looks so effortless!! It may look unconventional by modern standards golf but who cares if the balls go straight and long! If the players from the 20-30's were using this style of pivot with hickory clubs, imagine if they were using steel shafts and the clubheads we have today! Keep up the good work 

drhopkinspath says:

Thanks for ur vids. Love watching them and seeing you experiment with different concepts. Looking forward to trying this out!

Karl Myers says:

What! No egg timer?!  It's about time YouTube gave you the time you deserve. Now you can really express your thoughts and enlighten without the nagging concern about running out of time. Happy New Year JH!

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