Re Gripping Your Golf Clubs AskGolfGuru

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Re Gripping Your Golf Clubs AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield answers questions about gripping and re-gripping your golf clubs. When should you get your golf clubs new grips for your best golf.


Golf Buddy says:

Because windows phones suck

Juboy says:

why you don't have windows phone app. could you do the same app for windows. thanks!

Carson B says:

literally no one cares

Ray M says:

Just got the new decade whiteout. Love them.

zlALEXlo says:

Mark is wearing the new TW 14 shoe. Been thinking about getting those.

David Schultz says:

I like Lamkin crosslines but they aren't the most durable. Otherwise tour velvet. BCT and New Decade if I'm rich at that moment

David Schultz says:

Sand paper and even soap water and a good scrub with a brush helps a lot

NursePosey19 says:

Is this a reupload?

Daryl James says:

why are you using JPX 825 instead of MP 64?

Jonsse says:

If you tried only those 2, maybe try other manufacturers also. See what feels good and gives you the numbers you want. Bad hits aren't fixed by equipment, but if your swingweight is wrong in your current one then changing might help slightly. TM and Titleist are not the best, they are only the most advertised. Try different ones out and if all of them feel the same, go with the one that's in your budget.

Tom Edwards says:

Thanks for the tip 🙂

hartc17 says:

I'm a 15 handicap and don't hit my 3 wood off the ground very well. Should I get the rocketballz 5 wood or 910F 19*?

Sam Winstanley says:

New grips feel really nice, almost like having new clubs.. but in my experience if you want to save some cash, sandpaper can breath a lot more life into grips without needing to change.

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