Scarface Wants To Know Who’s Getting The Royalties From 2Pac’s Movie All Eyez On Me

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►Tupac’s friend and music collaborator Scarface turns down the Tupac all eyez on Me Movie, he says its fake and wants to know who’s getting the money since Afeni Shakur isnt here anymore and Pac don’t have any kids. what do y’all think about this??

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D. Brown says:

do your research. they don't really mention pac family

Darryl Jenks says:

Scarface been a real one. Pac should've never associated with snakes like Snoop and Co.

Tone Harp says:

Niggaz need to stop wit this IG LIVE BULLSHIT, cuz they ain't talkin bout shit

William W says:

It only last but for so long tho, we only gon be in the flesh for so long, they won't get away with it in the long run… The Most High will make sure of it…

William W says:

Pac is Tha Realest!!! Thank the Legendary Scarface for keepin it real!!!

Ace Tre says:

his sister….

Pragit Howell says:

his Sister possibly


Pioneer of this Gangster rap shit. LEGEND

Kevin Campbell says:

Real shit, tho.! Lmao..

Jonathan Habeeb-Ullah says:

That joint falls to the next of kin. It should go to his sister or brother Mopreme.

Shane Leone says:

THE real king of the South

holychronic 99 says:

Face keeping it Trill, he speaks truth. They killed his dear momma, no known children, but Pac has a living sister and royalties & proceeds should go to Shakur's estate.

Steven Thomas says:

You already know who getting Pac money FACE, 👻👻😈

Fred Tukes says:

Whats up scarface this is your old boxing coach in Atlanta. you called me coach

Terrence PERKINS says:

scare face … y u not commended on wack 100 & flex

shiestjoo says:

"They Smart" – Scarface

B WaNe says:

whose getting royalties from the 2pac movie?????? Tom Walley and Everybody else but his family. #RIP2pac

Black Royalty Inc. says:

That movie came out after his mama passed,That should tell u something…

Black Royalty Inc. says:

face was that nigga!!!

Antonio Montgomery says:

It's the equivalent of Dr. Free being Trust executor for Eminem Estate (currently 400M). Eminem Trust Executor for 50 cent (fortune unknown) strategically all 3 were wise enough to have their biopic done while they are alive. Think about that for a second. Look at movie soundtrack sales, and box office numbers for all 3 combined movies..

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