Sean Foley’s #1 Swing Tip

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Sean Foley of shares the # 1 swing tip for amateurs to help establish a fundamentally sound swing and hit the ball with solid contact on every single shot. Learn more at


cgasucks says:

What a convoluted faggot…

Billy P says:

How stupid is this?? sure if we had 1 LEG thats the proper way but we have 2 legs hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Jordan Sheppherd says:

I'm not sure what it is about his pants that distorts his height, but he reminds of me of Dorf on Golf.

William MacDonald says:

He makes the easiest seem confusing (sagital / transverse plane??? ridiculous). Craig or Bill Harmon much better easier, GG swing tips golf is awesome on youtube.

Kurt Heitman says:

Sean Fhoney swing tip: Get some top players to make yourself rich. Then, sell as DVD that helped nobody improve their game. Next, copy someone else's ideas. Finally, market you crap on YouTube like those "abs over 40" testosterone eating frauds.

Ben Jonson says:

Don't get all the insets and fancy music. This guy knows a lot but has no ability to communicate.

Jeffrey Ena says:

The coach that ruined the best player in history

Brian Reilly says:

tigers problem was the way he was swinging when he was young and supple not Sean Foley's fault

Benjamin Lee says:

Translation: Swing around head/spine with no to little lateral movement. One thing not mentioned is having the proper spine tilt from the hips helps the upper body turn more freely and separates the upper body from the hips better. Tilting from the hips. I think the only other golf swing instruction I know of that is teaching this is rotary golf swing. In my opinion, it is the most efficient method of swing a golf club.

James Edwards says:

too scientific, and he forgets that as soon as most people set foot on a golf course; they lose at least half of their ability to think logically


All that fancy talk was just doctor speak for "keep your head still".

Don Craven Jr says:

The best tip I ever got was to just start the downswing from the ground up.  It applies to any sport: throwing, hitting a baseball, tennis ball, etc – the club wants to go on a nice circular plane if we just let it.  

sandwah9 says:

Now I get why Tiger left him.

twelve hundred says:

gimme a break you dont have to say axis and rotary and saagittal plane to say you should be centered

allaboutthepump says:

NLP snake oil…lol

Douglas Lister says:

loads of tips from everywhere, I've tried many – but I've found the keys to pure ball striking and greater consistency are simply to keep your head STILL (not down) and MAINTAIN POSTURE THROUGH THE SWING. It's all very simple really…

Big A says:

KISS is not a method of coaching sean lives by. Making it complicated is a good method of keeping players always coming back

lumber jack says:

The simple translation fellas… keep your head still

Jay Smooth says:

I'm no golf pro, but I've studied in many areas and I can sum up swaying back in one easy step for most. When you take your backswing, feel like 90% if not a 100% of your weight is delivered to your right heel and don't drastically straighten your right leg. It is very difficult to do that and sway too much if at all. If you do sway it will be very evident. It is easier to sway off the toes and balls of the feet. I also (for me) feel like it is almost like a fixed pivot point. We get more on our toes to be more "athletic" which is true. So we can move side to side quicker and with more range. In the golf backswing that is a problem. On the downswing as you shift your weight to the left leg go more toward the balls of your left foot so you can make a nice and speedy turn through the ball. Post impact, get on your left heel for a balanced finish. This is all a lot simpler than it sounds. Just becomes part of your swing sequence. I'm not selling anything, give it a try. And one more note, if you don't struggle with swaying then you either are shifting to your right heel or you are more stable off your toes than those who do sway. If it ain't broke don't fix.

Mick Piercey says:

Insightful video might even help me lower my golf handicap.. you never know!!!

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