Sergio Garcia’s Simple Swing Keys

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PGA Tour star Sergio Garcia walks through the key swing thoughts he uses to strike his irons pure every time.


John Doran says:


Balataone Moomba says:

ELBOW PLANE!!!! Ignore the left side on the down stroke. Just worry about the right elbow/hand alignment coming into impact! Stop the hips from over turning. At impact, you want a straight line from your right elbow, through your forearm, through the club shaft, to the ball, period. That's if you want to swing like Sergio??

jewelfewel says:

Congrats on the big win sergio!

Serg Kaizen says:

Pulling the chain right elbow close to body, got it

Cindy Nicolas says:

I like Sergio he is very good and talented I wish he could win more on the PGA good luck Sergio

JayZoop says:

Wow. He really gets his right elbow close to his body. To do that you gotta have major Lateral Side Bend.


I invented SIMPLE-SPIN. we went to Solheim team in 2015. I was going to call it putterball, but sergio had taken the name months before with a putting device like a golf club with a round ball on the end. I had the name in mind for 5 years and missed it by a few months. The rest is history.

the1realanalogman says:

Nice teach. Ernie Ells explains it as the first move is not swinging, but is dropping the arms and the club. A guy who can really articulate this is Bobby Jones. Golf is really an amazing sport!

madskrillz2 says:

I've heard the "pulling with a chain" tip before and it has helped my swing more than anything else I have tried.

Ken Hunt says:

Anyone watching this slo-motion video of Sergio can see that he is actively pulling down faster than he is clearing. The clearing and big muscle work to support the arm action.. just like throwing a football or baseball. This is gold people. I've worked on this the last two seasons. Want to compress to impress. Learn this move. Pure gold..


I started pulling down with hands in the downswing and it extended my swing arc because I used my Shoulders more than my hips. My arc due to pulling down became  "Turn and Burn" it straightened my left arm in the whole arc. My shots became 40% straighter. Shots in the red stakes became fairway or rough shots. Believe it or not it fixed my broken left arm and hugely lowered my scores.

Darth Plagueis says:

This guy is a punk

sessien says:

Sergio makes a key point about the arms. Equal and opposite means at some point you lift your arms to the top

Ken Lines says:

Funny how as good as a ballstriker he is, often on the course he is trying to get that little bit extra out of his 3 iron and he pulls it slightly left of the green into trouble.  Brett Favre syndrome.

plentyofouts says:

So he doesn't like losing height…Every top tier ball striker in history loses height. Hogan lost height on the backswing and then even more height on the downsing! Maybe this is a good thing…?!! lol. It's astonishing to me that what these top strikers do well, they dont even know they do well and actually even actively try to change it! You can be good in spite of yourself is what i take from this. If you dont agree with me look at the swings of the best strikers yourself. You tell me if they lose height…Watch what they do not what they say.

Joe Scopelite says:

Forget the chain, you can use a heavy piece of rope and get the same feel without the risk of destroying something.

a phillips says:

if you "pull down" without rotating enough plan on shanking it.

Elizabeth Jasmine says:


ricodegranby says:

sergio is one of the best iron striker

remmy100 says:

Racist ass. He was my fav too

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