Simple Swing Based On Throwing Action

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Brian Sparks demonstrates the ‘Easiest Swing In Golf’ as a throwing action.


LordBransty says:

I'm sure some golfers will stumble on this video and think "There's no power in this swing". Well, I can assure you there is. I've been using this method now for 2 years, and blast the ball a mile. My golf partners scratch their heads and wonder how I generate so much power with no width or wind up. Engage smug mode! Thank you Brian for turning my game around!

jennifer says:

similar to Annika Sorenstam swing

Gordon T. says:

Had the pleasure of spending some time with Brian in June at his teaching facility in Kent while on a visit from Canada. Firstly, he de-clutters the mind of the dozens of swing thoughts and focuses simply on releasing tension, step by step, in the swing. Very easy going manner which facilitates the learning process. Also, an eclectic taste in music. Thanks again for the vino and conversation – I am sure we solved most of the world's problems. LOL.

narendra kutnikar says:

i tend to pull my shots some times with this swing, any solution ?

bombdogkaf says:

I went to the range and tried the easiest golf swing and I was amazed how much better I could hit the ball. I then went to a local course and was amazed. I  actually was putting for Birdies on holes that I never had before. If I could putt  better I would have had a great score. Thank You Brian for making golf fun for me again.

RV126ICE says:

Easy swing on the body, takes thinking out of the equation but absolutely no power what so ever

David Hughes says:

Hi Brian. Have been swinging this way now for a couple of rounds. But Driver and woods all have low ball flight. Any ideas. Regards Dave.

Inaki Legorburu says:

Brian, I love your simplified approach to a tension free swing. And on the subject of tension free, I have a question regarding head tilt/rotation away from the target at address and on the back swing. There is a limit as to how far we can turn our heads to move our chin towards the shoulder. You can feel tension building up in the neck and shoulders. Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones consciously turned their heads away from the target for a number of reasons, two of which were to reduce this tension and enable a fuller tension free back swing. You do the same thing on your practice swings, but not when you address the ball and swing back. Really interested in hearing your take on this observation.

Thomas Lo says:

Hi Brain: Your swing is so easy that I have fun again in golf. But I loss distance because I swing it too easy. Please help me how I can gain distance and still swinging easy. Many thanks!

Bart Buitenhuis says:

What a joy to watch a video about the simple golf swing without all this blah-blah most teachers start with. Do not try to catch the swing in words, simply show how easy and effortless it is! Thanks again Brian

Inaki Legorburu says:

Hi Brian, nice to see how your eyes leave the ball halfway during the downswing and (re)connect with the target.

Rod Galilee says:

poetry in motion as per usual.
Your book & swing-rite have changed my enjoyment of the game.
I finally understand the swing, & it isn't difficult…….
Thank you again

Robert Simpson says:

Hi Brian, your swing looks nice and relaxed, can you create much compression and distance with it? I will definitely try this approach.

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