Soft landing Pitch Shot like Jason Day

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Steve Buzza talks about the short game of Jason Day and a specialist shot you can learn from the world number 1.

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TheNYgolfer says:

study The Golfing Machine's Extensor Action then lock in forward shaft lean an rotate your core. You can do this literally with your eyes closed

david killian says:

slower club speed and with less spin ball does not jump forward on the green. More control………..Thanks

Sodthong says:

I have always used that method since i had a wrist injury and stuck with it ever since. Steve Stricker like 🙂

Wes says:

Nice video Steve. I have watched all your videos, in fact watching the Buzza Gold blog right now during my lunch break. I had a thought to share. How about adding a list of each player's clubs in their bag before each match video. It would add another interesting element.

Patrick Heavey says:

I use this shot quite a lot. My feeling in the backswing is that my posture is much more upright, my path is much straighter and I keep the club head well outside the hands.
Make sense? I tend to use it coming out of the rough with not much green to work with from about 40 yrds.

WoodyLongone says:

Well I suppose it is easier to match club head speed with the ball speed as 1 when there is not that much pop with the wrists.. Ball placement should be a little bit forward as well. More consistent spin numbers and easier to catch it more with the low grooves. Divots are quite minimal.

Essence of Red says:

Ive dealt with a lot of inconsistency in my pitching until i adopted this type of technique. Definitely has decreased the pressure on my short game.

John Smith says:

great shot to have in the bag!

one side-note could you please turn up the mic volume in these videos? It can become hard to hear what you are saying Steve, thanks

Jon B says:

I was struggling a lot with inconsistency and fat shots in my pitching and chipping so my coach has got me using this technique. By taking the wrists out of the equation I get a much more consistent ball flight and distance control has improved

Daniel Montgomery says:

Great video! I was practicing this last week. The ball was landing softer and I was holding the green better, resulting in more make able putts.

hawkey100 says:

Steve Stricker does the same thing. No wrist action and is also very good at the short game

Jon page says:

I started going in very low like 50-20 yards,helped with consistency and stops big numbers,however,do have this shot in the locker if desperate

Mark Scott says:

Buzza don't you think there is a form of the linear method as promoted by Gary Smith?

brookead says:

This is my go to shot for pitching to be honest, unless there's something behind the ball or it's sitting down a lot. It's great in the winter. The ground, and how your club will interact with it, can be very unpredictable, particularly in the winter. So if you pitch (and chip for that matter) with a very shallow path, you remove that unknown factor. Of course you have to play these with a nice progressive speed build up. You can't "hit" them, or you risk the bladed ball that goes miles too far, or the fat one. Both of those come from the hands "releasing" when you're really trying to keep them very very passive. As you say. The upper body moves, the arms are connecting the upper body to the club. They aren't doing much else. It's a great shot once you have it banked in your muscle memory. 🙂

David Swanson says:

Great content Buzza, classy chip in around the 2:45 mark too!!

Brad Morris says:

Well done Mr. Buzza. Steve Stricker plays a very similar shot (actually all of his look like that). You nailed it with the chest rotation part. So many bad things happen when the chest stops rotating during a chip/pitch shot. My chipping fell apart for years because I got into a bad habit of stopping my upper body rotation during the shorter shots. I could not hit a shot inside 60 yards. I would hit 4 or 5 inches behind the ball. Though for me, it wasn't the thought of "chest rotation" that improved it exponentially, it was the thought of keeping my lead shoulder rotating out of the way. Same result. Now I'll try to incorporate the firmer arms into it. Thanks.

Donny Wilcox says:

thanks for vlog buzzman ….first four man charity tournament of the golf season this Saturday for me and my "mates" /friends ….so glad I played and practiced as much as possible threw the winter ….and put some of your thoughts or instructions to use ….again thanks for your vlogs and time. ..sir

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