Square to Square Swing Driver – Sam Goulden Golf

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Square to Square golf swing mechanics with driver.
eBook link http://sam-goulden-golf.myshopify.com/collections/digital-downloads-golf-instruction/products/square-to-square-swing-the-most-accurate-swing-in-golf


Goran Danis says:

Tried your method – Played a solid round of 34 over par…

..on the first 6 holes! Im a single handicapper, what am I doing wrong?

Willie Mckenzie says:

Sam does anybody teach the sts method in the uk

Skip Karas says:

Home alone in a

Adam Palmer says:

Sam, any tips on why I would snap hook with a driver and 3 wood? Hit the shorter irons well. Thanks

Skyler Bui says:

I'm hitting my irons perfect with a little draw but my driver , 3 wood and hybrid hook

Matthew Cohen says:

Sam, are you using a Bombtech Grenade driver?  Hard to tell in the video.  If so, what do you think of it?

Snowman9K says:

Sam, when you set up in a neutral fashion for the driver, is the clubface sitting open because the hands are ahead of the clubhead?  Or do you hood the driver to make it sit straight?

twelve hundred says:

i like how you just ignore the existence of swing plane lol

Pukees01 says:

great vid, working with physics rather than going against! 


you keep going to fade, then draw, then fade, then draw…..very confusing.


more confused than ever!!

Oliver Jones says:

I have been doing this swing for about 4 weeks, just broke 80 today, 4 over on the front, two over on the back, this works, thanks again! Sam, I don't think I going to be a 13 Handicap for long

Barry Mostovoy says:

looks easy, going oout to course to see how it works?

Sam Goulden says:

Birdie Eagle, That definitely works. Hogan got the face square to the arc on the downswing and kept it square to the arc through and past impact.

blaster88778 says:

Yeah been setting like this now I know how to do it boom thanks nobody ever said it like this to me I'm a 13 handicap last year I had a 19 hc hope I get to single hc this year fingers crossed plus a lot of hard work no doubt

Leslie Greenhalgh says:

Sam been following you recently like all the advice but I need to see this driver address from the front. I tend to place my club close to the ball you seem some 3-4 inches behind the ball.

Patrick Doherty says:

Sam, Thanks for taking the time to do a driver video for square to square! Great video and your Four Fundamentals of Ball Flight ebook is just terrific. Without understanding ball flight principles, range work is almost fruitless. Best instructor on the web and in person!

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