Starting The Stroke – Takeaway Options – Perfect Golf Swing Techniques

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EA Tischler is the founder of the New Horizons Golf Approach and has self published 18 golf instructional books and is currently working on a series entitled The Secrets Of Owning Your Swing. Those books discuss the biomechanics of the golf actions and will help golfers understand how their unique golfing machines work and how to build a golf swin with their particular body’s in mind. For more information visit


eagolfpro says:

Thank you for your comment.  For some reason your comment on the pendulum technique is not registered on that video and I was unable to read the rest of the question.  If you are able to repost the question.  I will respond to it when it shows up.

brofun says:

just started watching your vids…I like them!…good method of teaching!  Will be trying to put into practice some of your methods!

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