Stop Slicing Your Driver

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Dor D says:

Due to these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I was able to find out “hows” and “whys” of a good golf swing and its various components. I`ve read the book 2 times and realized Fifteen yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. I`m now more confident and happier when playing golf.

DIRTY 845 says:

damn this guy knows his shit… much thanks! this has so many great points…

Clint Decker says:

What the heck! Why would you just end the video like that. You're doing YouTube wrong.

John Thomas says:

Well done vid. Good help and good thought process.

Terry Chong says:

commercial video

Barry Harris says:

Excellent. This is the single best instruction video that I have ever watched. Thank you.

Hari Khan says:

hey ,if anyone else trying to find out increase your golf drive distance try Pyzork Golf Drive Professor (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.

Get Golf Schools says:

Respect the fact the you put yourself out there to grow your business. Well done! But I disagree with a lot of the info in this video. To hit a draw that ends up at the flag we need an open club face. No crossing over the club face, no strengthening the grip. A draw has an open face. But again, great job with marketing yourself!

Pseudo Smith says:

Brilliant demos and concise explanations. +1

Joseph May says:

While it does appear the end of the video is cut off, there are some great points on the different things that can cause a slice. I look forward to correcting the things that I saw in your video that I know I am doing wrong.

Kip Spence says:

Very good advice, after two of your suggestions I'm back in the winners circle, I slightly re-adjusted my grip and shoulder alignment.

dshafro says:

Awesome video. Very specific solutions for people struggling with their slice. Thank you jack!

Barry Stewart says:

Great lesson for those you can swing but wonder why it does what it does 🙂 Those of you with negative comments some can dosome teach but the rest just criticise .

Rolltider says:

This guy sounds like Marty Huggins

Charlie Liu says:

his profile pic and voice drives me (DEEZ) NUTZ

Jim Smith says:

Did you just say " we" when referring to Golf Pros? Did you just include yourself as a golf pro? Sorry, I have never heard of you while I was out on the tour.

seemlyme says:

The Video is not finished properly.

Otis Brotis says:

This is brilliant.

justpar2012 says:

Please just tell us how to do it correctly not all the mistakes.

Dharma Dharmarajan says:

Thanks Jack. Your suggestions came in handy in my latest round. Was able to hit them without spraying the balls right.

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