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The best golf tip to strike your irons pure. In this weeks Impact Show, PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman talk about how to create that pure strike with you irons and take a divot after the golf ball.

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Denny Law says:

As with all their videos; 90% of it is simple wasted time as they talk endlessly about nothing relative. A seven minute video to say 90 seconds of material. Nice work in the talking dept.

Bob Jones says:

How can I improve my drives my dad says the t is too high but it's low plz help

Nic Bing says:

My old  ski mentor said …never teach a pupil  more than allowing him/ her to think  they don't need more instruction….bambozzle then with technique…and they will return    !!

Darren Hopwood says:

Looks familiar

Zachary S Brennan says:

Which club you hitting, 7 iron? Generally where should the placement of the ball be for 5 iron, middle or slightly back in stance?

Joshua Stamps says:

These guys remind me of how much about golf I don't know

Munchies TV says:

thanks for the great video, don't understand why you have to dress the same though lol…?

wolfgang reich says:

Hye guys, while pierce is doing this exercise to have the divot after the ball he also shifted his upper body and head forward.So it seems that this is not causing problems?

Michael Kennedy says:

Ernie Els- keep the box was best vid i ever seen on this, he tries to make his right bicep, right forarm and club shaft form a box at the top of the swing and tries to keep the box as long as he can into downswing, also good thought is pull the toilet chain down from top of swing(for oldies like me ). Henry Cottons skimming a stone(very similar to good golf movement but reckon more than half would think this wrong)) is also great thought.

D Dluhy says:

broke my 5 iron out on the course today :/

chris bingaman says:

these 2 are annoying

Dakota Powell says:

While I`m inside my house, I read these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) and after completing it, I tried out the advised exercises on the field. I couldn`t believe what a difference it made in my swing after Three decades of golfing. By following the drills, I was able to concentrate more on the minor details.

Joseph Romer says:

how to download music

Paul Nasrallah says:

How can i replicate this when at the range hitting off a matt?

maggie doodles says:

Great video! I'm a new-ish golfer (3 yrs) and the "hit down on the ball" phrase I've heard always confused me a bit. You guys have easily explained what my intentions should be when using those irons! Thank you!! It makes sense now, and better yet…it works!! 🙂

Brian Grimshaw says:

Why can't I just move the ball back in the stance?

Amir Hindi says:

These guys r some FAGS

alan carlyon says:

Forget all those silly remarks and comments from some viewers, I can see where you guy's are taken us and your tips are great and has helped me greatly with my set up and follow through! Well done and thank you verrrry much! Regards Alan.

Billy P says:

what u failed to say was..STAY BEHIND THE BALL at impact…many guys know what ur saying here at the expense of moving body forward also!!!!!!!!!! BAD BAD MOVE

kevin wood says:

andy is your dad a hairdresser,was

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