The Fade Only Vlog – CampoReal Golf Resort Part 1

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►The vlog for new shots! Carter attempts to fade every shot, Fletch putts with the claw and Carter putts right below left! Enjoy 🙂
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Steve Taylor says:

Go Fletch !

Brian Chowaniec says:

What ball are both you guys playing

Malcolm A. says:

Great vlog again guys; loving our Portugal trip

Howie Land says:

Carter, I much prefer your left-hand-low putting. In this vlog, your conventional grip had your forearms aiming left and putts missing left. Of course, I assume you'll return to left-hand-low when you're back in lovely Manchester.

Alan Heseltine says:

Good start Fletch keep it going mate.

Dave Allen says:

They like there raised tee's in Portugal don't they!

John A Corr says:

Jesus Christ, welcome to yip world guys. LOLS Too many G&Ts???

daniel green says:

Fletch, bin the white belt mate. Or cut it down at least…

SuperDixxxie says:

Didn't know fletch could speak Portuguese 17.16 lol

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