The four most common course management mistakes

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In this video, Director of Golf at Hallbrook Country Club Liam Cahill, explains the 4 most common mistakes he sees players make on the golf course.


Liam Li says:

funny yet useful

777THUTH777 says:

Stop looking at the green, we can't hear you.

Edwin Michnowicz says:

great video. these are 4 things I need to work on. where is your course? do u have caddies? ed

Tom O'Leary says:

Buy a chipper, saves me 5 shots a round

tchevrier says:

Excellent tips. Nice a simple

Astromchaser says:

I pretty much hit all my chip with my sand wedge (56 degree)

Stuart Eljas says:

should be entitled "four most common mistakes in making a you tube instructional video" starting with 1, buy yourself some new clothes if you have just been on a crash diet.

Jay Smooth says:

The last one is spot on. There is no reason to pull a high lofted wedge for an around the green shot with room in between you and the pin. The bump and run is highly under used and underestimated. However, use what fits your game. I hear all the time to use a 6 or 7i and that is not true either. I use a 8 or 9i and get the best of both worlds for that shot. It lands soft, clears the fringe no prob and still releases.

Totalavulsion says:

Here's another tip: skip to 1:28

Patrick Mason says:

sound is horrible , but great tips 

Wes Sims says:

I feel better already. THANK YOU!!!

maureen mckay says:

I agree. These are basic but very good ideas to have top of mind when playing your round. I especially like the 7 iron shot – I use it whenever possible because it's so easy to chip a short shot and let it roll than for me to try and control my lofted wedges.I am going to pay more attention to ending up with uphill putts too before I get to the green and it's too late. Great vid!

chrishinsdale says:

Practice? who needs practice….prat  practice??

Chance Snyder says:

lol Allen Iverson! Hilarious 

Viz64 says:

Your correct on the last one – i have to hide my 60° in the bag to stop me from pulling it out on a too regular basis.

Ian Simcox says:

You could even grab the putter out for that last one. Great tips

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