The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Better Impact and Ball Position

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Better Impact and Ball Position with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks in todays show about how to gain a better impact position and hit against a solid left side. Improve your golf strikes and distance in your irons and your woods with a better impact position. Also in the giveaway Mark talks about the ball position and how it affects the golf swing and the direction of your golf shots. Play better golf with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield with simple and easy to use golf lessons, tips and drills.


David Young says:

I have had several instructors teach me to play the ball from an inch inside your lead foot for every club. I don't like that way to be honest. I like the ball left of center with my mid irons and move up with the longer irons as you explain. I'm trying to commit to a local instructor that teaches the one ball position method, and it's just hard when you have so many different theories. I tend to hit the ball thin when it's too far up in the stance.

Skybound Aviation says:

Great explanation as always. I just bought your app as a token of appreciation to theses videos 🙂

Ronald Booker says:

Oh, you hit the nail on the head with the hip sway but I still hook the ball. Guess I need to work on that grip…

Ronald Booker says:

Great video Mark…but I couldn't see the ball in relation to your club.

King Jaffe Joffer says:

This is the wisest response to a question on ball position I have ever heard! GOOD job Mark.

Ayyub Ali says:

those clouds at the beggining do not look welcoming at all haha

jonathan richards says:

hi mark great vid can you do one on lag and holding the lag, iam not sure if i have to hold the lag or dose it happen natural hepl please

Wally17 says:

I wish you would get offered a TV deal. Your videos are great!

BRUCE2W says:

thanks this video is great. just what i needed . and it worked at the golf course !!

kiwilibre says:

That is one wild looking sky in the background !

Ryan Patterson says:

Hey mark great video helping my game a lot I have one question how far away should your hands be from your body because I have a problem with this im not to sure maybe a video would be great 🙂

Geoffrey Pereira says:

Hey Mark, thanks for the video! I have some things to try at the range…


Really liked the ball position demo, I will give that a try tomorrow at the range.

David Schultz says:

wow really? do you have any idea how good the people on tour are?

LaLakers2412 says:

If Mark knows all of this information about how to swing and everything else then how come he isn't on the PGA tour?

Nikos Cards says:

My favorite part 3:05-3:15

Kirk Casstevens says:

your cutting across the ball, feel like your swinging to the right in the future for a while like your trying to push the ball that should help

Sam Clarke says:

HI Mark,

Further to my last post I wondered whether you would also consider doing Ball Reviews… I play off 16 and because of my lack of distance of late have tended to go for NXT Tour as I believe I have a reasonable touch around the green. Maybe you can just do a quick review on balls?

Thanks again

Sam Clarke says:

Hi Mark,

I am loving the work as always, I am a tall chap 6'6" tall and have a tendency to bend my arm at the top of my backswing and my pro friends often refer to me as having disco hips (where i slide them) however I am still getting divots pointing 45deg left (i am a right handed golfer) My poor shots are mostly slicing or strong pulls put also sometimes a duck hook. I used to hit the ball a good distance and now I am 60 – 70 yards less off the tee….!! Can you help? Cheers Sam

rystv says:

wow look at that dark sky!

thanks for the videos mark.

Do you have any putting tips? I recently tried a "Extended Reverse Overlap" grip while putting. Would you recommend this grip? Any other putting tips would be greatly appreciated.

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