The Leadbetter A Swing – Incredible Results

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The Leadbetter A Swing – Incredible Results
2014 The Leadbetter A Swing – Incredible Results FULL, A Swing Lesson with Leadbetter. In this weeks Impact Show PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman are with one of the worlds leading golf .

Amazing transformation from a 20 handicap golfer after just one A Swing lesson. Learn more about the simple, efficient golf swing that’s revolutionizing how the .

The A Swing will be the most significant change to golf instruction in years. This is David’s first presentation on the A Swing delivered at the PGA Show 2015 .

Listen to David Leadbetter and co-host Denis Watson present a introduction to the revolutionary new A Swing. Filmed during David’s recent appearance at .


Sean Shi says:

I scratch my head to understand what the fuck is the A swing rationale… totally bullshit

Solomon Li says:

Where is the credit to Me and My Golf?!?!?!

cyberpor says:

what about wedge short? do I grip the club the same way?

Vikesh Patel says:

Hate the fact you decided to upload a me and my golf video….I am reporting u dick

theliftexpert says:

That backswing is bullshit ,nobody swings like this on tour ……wtf

Richard Donaldson says:

he's the worst (ask Wie), way too much instruction. Harmon is where it's at

花山大吉 says:

I think that how to use right hand=mike austin method!?
do you think so?

salad5469 says:

its good for high handicaper that wants to get down to about 15 ish.

voyager8195 says:

I hope you are going to show results and your thoughts after you been doing it a few weeks please? enjoyed the video tho thanks

Adnan Arapcic says:

There are many factors in ways to improve your golf. One plan I found that successfully combines these is the Gavs Golf Tactic (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful guide that I have ever seen. look at all the super information .

Craig says:

"Spiralling effect" ; this is the exact same feeling that Steve Elkington talks about what he feels in his backswing, basically torque effect in your core to create consistency and power

Alps P says:

Looking at the movement overall seems like the backswing doesn't really matter as much it's surely all about the grip and downswing line with this new technique…..sorry guys great video tho

Alex howarth says:

who would use this swing? why would you want to do this after years of following what leadbetter was teaching before? is this just a money maker?…

hd74250 says:

I really enjoy this video….good you meet David L.

Ian Dickson says:

I bought the book and followed the instructions (I Think!) I can honestly say it has improved my swing/golf, just wish there were some pro's teaching it locally in Kent UK.

Dreama40 says:

Great video guys. I really think Mr Leadbetter is onto something here and it's only a matter of time before the masses come a flocking over to it. Sound science and appears to reduce excess movement. Very Good. I've been watching watching Mr Nicklaus swings from (dtl) and he does get the shaft quite vertical going back so yes there's something to be learned here imo. Thanks for the job you guys do collectively. Oh and Andy does have a great bum lol, sorry could not resist hehe

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