Tiger Woods Golf Swing 2015 7i DL

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Tiger Woods Golf Swing 2015 at the Waste Management Open –

The first I have seen since he started working with SPU Adviser Chris Como.

This one was a high 7i 190 yds to 10ft.

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Slow Motion Golf Swing Video


SuperRayrobinson says:

You cannot tell from this swing , its not far off being almost perfect in the back swing. Tiger simply needs to get match fit , he hasn't played at all then jumps into big events.

sb golf says:

Let me clear up the continued criticism Tiger receives from TV analysis of Woods head dropping during the transition or downswing. Tiger uses a lowering or squatting move and has been doing this since he worked with Butch H, Ben Hogan, Gary P. Sam S. Sergio G and many other great ball strikers also had this distinctive move during the forward swing, so next time this move is mentioned by so-called golf swing expert analyst's as a problem, remember it is not.

Tiger's swing under Foley had many good aspects, although Tiger should've utilized a rear anchor system for his longer clubs not a front anchor system. What I see as Tigers issue with the Como assisted technique and Foley's is TW, shoulders at impact are square to the target line and his patented throw off release  puts more stress on the back and also creates a more timing induced club face control at impact.

Please view Rory's swing from DTL, Hogan's Players and Snead's swing DTL the shoulders are at least 8 degrees open at impact vs Tigers swing. Tigers needs to get his shoulder to open up at impact with all his clubs, his trail elbow should remain bent at impact vs Wood's trail arm straitening via a hitters move and instead use the swingers move. Also check out Hunter M swing from DTL check out Mahan's shoulder line, and trail arm at impact from DTL vs Woods. IMO Tiger doesn't need more MPH he needs more control… 

Rektspresso says:

Looks pretty bad from a technical standpoint, I've never seen Tiger make a worse swing with an iron than this quite frankly. As far as strain on his back, and body in general, it doesn't look too bad, but I'm not an expert in that area

Aaron says:

Now his hips are more open at impact and rotating!  Looks more 2000'ish so now you just have to win TW.  I know you are light years from being "DONE" but bro,  you gotta play big in the majors.  Liked Foley but he took the speed and power out of your swing.  Was not you!  Como is more "Butch" like without being an A**hole.

Lizam H says:

great swing!

brown55061 says:

So what's he doing with the right foot? Looks like a controlled slide down the target at impact to maintain balance. If it works, awesome. If I tried that I'd fall over.

Joey Evanilla says:

Looks so much better!

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