Tiger Woods Golf Swing Driver 2015

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Tiger Woods at The Waste Management Open smashing a drive with his new swing move inspired by SPU adviser Chris Como.

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Slow Motion Golf Swing Video


Tyler Franger says:

he still turned more through the ball when he was younger. in fact his front foot rotated outwards alot back in the day cuz of how much he turned through it. alot of the better drivers of the ball today are actually still doing that. look at rory or bubba's front foot on the way through with their driver swings.  not so much with the irons, but clearly swinging with a bigger rotation through the impact area with the driver is the way to go. it certainly produced better results for tiger back in the day, and im glad hes trying to go back to it. Its more natural to him.

Dallin Stimpson says:

At impact, his left leg locks so hard and buckles down. He must still have a lot of power. I say just relax and effortlessly swing the club, don't put too much power into your swing.

Daniel Richardson says:

The right foot drag and the post swing finish – Greg Norman anyone?

moreme40 says:

More hip turn than he used to. I think he's been watching his buddy Bubba

Alex S says:

Still lots of sliding left and he never used to have weight on front foot at impact with back foot sliding towards target when he was at his best……Still long way to go I think, but overall his swing would undoubtedly look better from a 3D analysis point of view.

Daniel Eason says:

I'm no expert but i'd say his release is far earlier and has far better transition

Ethan Leier says:

The turn back looks so athletic and powerful

Jason Olds says:

That's the fella we all remember!!!

eli yates says:

swing is definitely more free. he looks good. fingers crossed he pulls out a win. 

Jer H says:

Followed him today, pounded some drives out there. Hope all is well Terry, thanks for the help with my game.

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