Tiger Woods Takeaway Instructional Golf Video

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How to master the golf takeaway like Tiger Woods golf swing from http://www.RotarySwing.com

In this FREE golf instruction video, you’ll see how to correct ALL the takeaway faults you’ve ever struggled with and learn how to get into a perfect takeaway position just like Tiger Woods by doing this drill for only 5 minutes per day!

Out wildly popular “5 Minutes to…” golf instruction video series can be seen by clicking the link above!


Mitch Gardner says:

Thanks Chuck, great video! Hinging the right wrist is the exact issue that I had to start the takeaway which got my club face closed and sucked the club inside.

amfohr says:

Is the upper spine allowed to rotate to the right?

777THUTH777 says:

FREE ?!?  no, they want $

Todd Heugly says:

There is a new teacher in Utah he is the best around.

SpetsnazMax says:

Just wasted my 9 minutes repeating the same thing…turn your body, and not your arms, takes 10 seconds…and then do you think I am gona go to your website and watch the remaining 30 minutes to explain the second fault?!!!

IAMT3XAS says:

Rotary swing program is the best thing out there.

Kurt Justin says:

Tiger Smiger….do just what you will and try to do it well, nothing else really matters.

Ray McNamee says:

It is impossible to ONLY rotate the body and get to the first check point. Whether you like it or not, the forearms are rotating and some of the cupping vanishes. Hogan just continued to rotate the forearms while completing the shoulder turn and he hit it pretty straight.

jongkeun lee says:

good vedio But talks too much. talks same things over and over again.

Dennis Cartwright says:

This is the best instrucational video I've seen that was able to totally understand!!

jmikkels01 says:

best instructor i've seen out here, thanks for speaking in layman's terms

Dalip Zekiroski says:

GREAT Video with GREAT explanations without getting too technical….good brush up for begging and mid level players

RobertFromHere says:

Perfect video!

Sam Shah says:

Best video I have seen in a long time – good job

We teach the same drills with PivotPro Training Aid – I have seen that most of the people who tend to swing the club with their hands have poor pivot and engage small muscles in their hands to swing the club – and have excessive sway of hips.

The key is to use the large muscles in your back, thus enabling a proper pivot.

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