Top 10 Golf Instructors On Youtube 2016

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This Video is about Golf Geek Top 10 Golf Instructors On Youtube 2016

This Channel is based on a Handicappers point of view where I give my honest opinions about anything relating to golf.

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Chris Ryan Golf Youtube Channel:

Golf Drill Review Chris Ryan Footwork:

Dan Whittaker Youtube Channel:

Mark Crossfield Youtube Channel:

Shawn Clement Youtube Channel:

Nick Taylor Golf Youtube Channel:

Peter Finch Golf Youtube Channel:

Golf Drill Review Peter Finch Ladder Drill:

Robin Symes Golf Youtube Channel:

Rick Shiels Golf Youtube Channel:

Monte Scheinblum YouTube Channel:

Golf Drill Review Monte Scheinblum Zipper Away Drill:

Me And My Golf Youtube Channel:

Golf Drill Review Me And My Golf Distance Power & Speed Drill:

Be Better Golf Youtube Channel:

In this video I share my Top 10 Golf Instructors On Youtube who I have followed over a period of time to improve my golf game. I explain what each Instructor can offer and what Ive gained from each instructor whether being a golf drill or simply being educated about golf in general. I also believe my own improvements have come from the content provided by these 10 instructors I introduce.

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Top 10 Golf Instructors On Youtube 2016
Top 10 Golf Instructors On Youtube 2016
Top 10 Golf Instructors On Youtube 2016
Top 10 Golf Instructors On Youtube 2016
Top 10 Golf Instructors On Youtube 2016


Dean Nicely says:

Clay Ballard. The Lag Doctor

charly yoo says:

Great list and I would concur here. Lately the Dan Whitaker content has been awesome. Would you please do your Top 10 YouTube videos that impacted your game the most.

arwel jones says:

crossfield is the man

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

I have been watching Shawn long time and sometimes also Meandmygolf and Monte. Shawn has very fun and practical way of teaching. My personal feel is that his swing model is hard to repeat. Meandmygolf and Monte has lot off good videos but i havent made lot off progress for some reason… Now i´m watching Mike Malaska and made some progress. Anyway these are my personal thougts and it´s great that these guys are doing these free videos!!!

Iamwattsy says:

Love your work bro, I have now subscribed! I'm looking forward to more vids.

Austen Fitzpatrick says:

Mike Malaska? I have watched several of the coaches videos mentioned and regularly shot 75 +. After listening to Mike Malaska's advice I shot 3 over par with far less effort.. by far the best instructor!

PaintballBretto says:

For anyone interested Monte is featured on "BE BETTER GOLF" on a very consistent basis.

John McK says:

Really good video Dan. What we really need now is for these top guys, Mark, Rick, Me&My Golf etc, to do a joint vlog, so we can see who really is the top dog!!!!!

ecke1010 says:

Did you forget scratch golf academy? I love his videos.

Nick Taylor Golf says:

Thanks for the mention Dan, honoured to be put in the same category as the other 9 you tubers on this list

gordon o'riordan says:

Good little video some new guys possibly for me to follow, Matthew Connor, Snainton Golf(I think is the channel name) has some good stuff but hasn't done anything in ages. I think in 2015 he did a round up of all the drivers released during the year which was great to see, does reviews and tips, pity his content has declined of late

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Thanks very much Dan!! Great video and brilliant edit. That must have taken some time, thanks again.

Golf Geek says:

Thank you for skipping or clicking the ads all revenue from this video goes towards Golf Geek buying, reviewing and giving away products! 😃👍


Very stylish video editing Dan. Surprised Rotary Swing (Clay Ballard) didn't get a look in. Danny Willett for The Open. Who do you think will win? 😊 ⛳

Nerdy Golfer says:

Like the list Dan, but really enjoyed the editing of your video, great job !!!

Barry Hall says:

Well done with your handicap reduction! I have used most of the youtubers you mentioned, Clay Ballard is also very good.

grumpy2159 says:

Congrats on the handicap cut. Did you try the Stack and Tilt method?

Stephane Gauthier says:

Great choices..

MissyLaMotte says:

haha … Chris Ryan is the Terminator. "Relentless" I think he's gonna like that 🙂

Congrats to your single figure handicap. Huge accomplishment! Well done.

As far as instructors go, Peter Finch and Rick Shiels remain my favourites (I've been to their Quest Golf academy twice now to have lessons with Pete and had the chance to meet Rick as well … they are both every bit as nice and cheerful in real life as they come across on the videos). I am also fast becoming a fan of HowToImproveMYGolf with Andy Carter and Chris Fletcher. Nice funny banter paired with solid, easy to follow advice. They have only started in earnest a few months ago, but have some great content on their channel already.

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