Tour Striker Golf Academy With Martin Chuck – Ben Hogan Hip Action

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Simple, Ben Hogan inspired drill that can help you get the proper hip movement into your golf swing!
Thank you for watching the Tour Striker Golf Channel! These videos are truly a joy to make, and I hope they will help improve your game. However, nothing beats face-to-face, hands-on learning. The good news is: you can visit me at The Tour Striker Golf Academy and receive personal coaching to bring your game to the next level.

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Thomas Hawk says:

Always good stuff! THawk

Jeff says:

awesome video martin. quick question: when i plant my left foot (i'm right handed) at the start of the downswing, should my head dip slightly while i'm on my way down, then rise up as i'm striking the ball? i've seen some pros do this but i'm not sure if it's considered unorthodox or too risky for the weekend warrior to try. thanks for your help.

pete needham says:

than you for the tip of keeping the head back on the downswing, I tend to sway sometimes it gives me a shank……………..Pete

69cookieboy1 says:

Hi Martin.  Can you confirm this is a stack and tilt golf swing?  also, your ball position with the driver looks very centred rather than just inside the left heel.  Once again is this s & t theory? 

jazzforJamie says:

Smart to have a "stol" with You, good for golf practice finess and for rest sometimes!

Thisbe17 says:

Chuck, at the original Ben Hogan slowmoes i cannot see what you are telling.
If i put the mousepointer at his left hip, at his backswing is a not too small distance between his hip and the mousepointer. Please clear that!
See Ben Hogan 1965 Shell Swing Compilation – Regular speed and Slow Motion Training Guide

DASH1ful says:

excellent swing. it's all in the right foot- pressing down on the the ground in the second half of the back-swing

Michael Barnett says:

Great video. I have a tendency to sway and this was helpful in stopping fat shots yesterday.

Kevin Carter says:

I LOVE this video. Thank you Martin!

Julie Tabor says:

Martin,  you always make it look so easy, love your swing motion. The chair tip is a great one to feel power to the left side. Thanks!

swisheryan says:

Hogan's butt would have knocked that chair over if he did that, but you do have a pretty nice transition.

Richard Montfort says:

You teach Sean Foley better than He does, good job Martin another well presented lesson.

Dr. Larry Korenman says:

One of your BEST! Perfectly shows the moves exactly as Hogan performed during his swing – Question for YOU: why have none of the "Swing Gurus to the Stars" noticed this or commented on it??? They teach just the OPPOSITE – the lateral movement on the backswing AWAY from the chair and then the "hope" of achieving the proper position at impact!!! Pretty much impossible and responsible for so many of us striving to do a wrong move that leads to inconsistency !

Russell Mcilwaine says:

Hello again martin,
You said to keep your shoulders turning and your hips at the same time an as if your shoulder are rotating an feel they are going down,in what sequence does this occur both hips an shoulders move at the same time an then swing club with your hands or do you just do it all in the same order,I have been told to use hips 1st then shoulders then start to swing the club

Russell Mcilwaine says:

Hello martin,
Thanks for your reply on the downswing I think I know what you mean have you got a video on this that you were explaining just to make it look easier for me,
Thanks russ

Jerico Tina says:

Hi Martin, I have been working on this swing and I really like tit. Question on the backswing, when I trip and not sway to the right I feel I lot of pressure on my left foot. Is that a reverse pivot?

Nat j says:

Great tip from a great coach, I love revolution golf as well.

Russell Mcilwaine says:

On your downswing do you pull down with your left arm or wrist,cause I seem to be all over on the downswing any good drills I can practice on

SuperMozzman says:

Hi Martin. You have a beautiful swing that one day I'd love to emulate. A question about your release – do you roll the club over after impact or hold it open like Hogan/Trevino. Can't quite make it out from the video.



Taylor Carter says:

I really like your videos there amazing I em losing power in my golf swing any tips you could give me that would help me play better

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