Wii Sports Resort – My Top 5 Golfing Shortcuts (20 sub. special)

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Have you ever taken a shortcut in golf on Wii Sports Resort to make your score for the hole lower? If you have, well, this is the video to come to! If you want to know more shortcuts or watch how to do these shortcuts, again, this is the video to come to! Hope you enjoy this subscriber special!

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Joseph Giordano says:

I don't like it. I love it

Charlie Dawson says:

Hi, how do you get backspin?

Radam53142 says:

Honestly i think the number 3 and number 1 are the easiest ones

A Wild Bellsprout says:

On number 5 I was 0.1 inches from an albatross

A Wild Bellsprout says:

Thank you! You are the best. I was trying to find a golfing "strategy" for this game! You have earned a new sub.

Candice kelley says:

Best stragey

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