Wireless Microphone Golf Test

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Had a little fun testing the range of a new Sennheiser wireless microphone. Camera-to-transmitter mic worn on my jacket was 100-to-125 yards. Audio came through loud and clear. Golf swing needs work though!


Patrick Harwood says:

Thanks for the tip Raymond! Wish I was getting some cash for all these ads with my video!

raymond9987654321 says:

Just as a suggestion: Turn off your camera's Automatic Gain control, so you don't get the pumping effect.

Patrick Harwood says:

It's a Sennheiser ew100 G2 model. I'm not sure of the cost. My work bought it and I was just testing it. But I'm sure you can price it online. Thanks for the note.

Vedran Novak says:

It's good! What type model of wireless microphone is it and how you recorded it?
And what price?

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