100 Golf Tips

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http://jvz5.com/c/6987/25299 – 100 Golf Tips

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1. Watch professional golf players play the game.

If you want to become a golf player, it is a good idea to watch professional golf players playing the sport. When you watch them, you would become more inspired in getting better with your game. Aside from that, you could also take note how they carry themselves on the field, as well as how they make their swings.

2. Find a playing partner.

Playing golf is interesting, especially if you do it together with a friend. Find a friend who also wants to learn how to play golf, so that you can each share some pointers. Aside from that, you can both boost your motivation by competing against each other from time to time.

3. Hire a trainer.

To begin learning the sport, it is best if you can hire a trainer. The professional trainer can guide you on how to execute the proper swing. Aside from that, he can also monitor how you handle yourself with each swing, and be able to make adjustments. Moreover, a trainer can provide you the guidance you need in every aspect of the game.

100 Golf Tips – http://jvz5.com/c/6987/25299


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