1994 Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing demo – Interview – (Part 2 of 2)

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This video comes from the two part video also posted here on youtube. Which is from the 1994 PGA coaching and teaching conference where Moe Norman was interviewed as part of the ceremony acknowledging him as the “greatest ball striker” of all time. Craig Shankland was the interviewer and ask Moe many questions about his golf swing. It is a great question and answer video.

Based on my more than 20+ years experience in learning from Moe, studying his swing, and teaching it I personally do not believe it to be a good idea to exactly copy Moe’s golf swing. My Setup 4 Impact golf swing has a number of similarities to Moe’s swing, but also many differences which enable individuals to customize their own golf swings to get the fastest improvement possible. For a comparison of the two please see https://youtu.be/dorBuka-G8E
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Dan Goodwin says:

I had the pleasure of talking to a golf partner and friend of Moes today. An 88 year old pin setter who worked with him at a bowling alley near Kitchner Ontario. His stories were like they happened yesterday in his mind. I'm looking forward to talking to him to learn more about this great little known golfer.

allen D says:

i started talking like moe and the guys at my club beat the shit out of me

allen D says:

think about it folks, u live 70 years or so on this planet and all the fuck u do or even want to do is hit a little god-damn golf ball.

allen D says:

the next night moe's wife said: moe, get that fuckin golf club out of the bed!

allen D says:

and for your information "i'm the only guy in the world who ain't worth a shit in golf"

allen D says:

you know what moe's wife said to him 2 days ago as they were eating dinner: She said: "shut the fuck up you babbling fool.

allen D says:

now this is enjoyable and very funny. thanks moe.

cedric esau says:

i mean, it prevents early extension which is my main problem.

cedric esau says:

strange as it sounds, i hit the ball more solid and sweeter with Moe's technique than with the conventional way. it force me to stay down through impact instead of having early release.

Kevin H. says:

Damn, this guy had some confidence! Rightly so I guess!

Wolfie565 says:

Have you noticed that he addresses the ball about 6 inches behind the ball? This does create the forward (lateral) push or you would not hit the ball… It seems to work for me for a better strike.

100watsoncm says:

I didn't understand the Jehovah Witness reference

steve plyler says:

yeahh but how far is he hitting the ball,i hit dead a 100 yards

GrandmasterN says:

What a load of crock… Tucking your right knee behind your left… and the proceeds to swing, his knee going towards the ball. He's talking a lot of BS!

Steve C says:

Moe was a golf savant, a little on the crazy side but quite a bit on the genius side.  But not much more than a carnival show, no?

mark miller says:

how far does he hit it? the guy never asks that

Billy P says:


Billy Graham says:

This guy seems to be suffering from some kind of mental disorder that lets him sense what he is doing differently than other people — he says he even "tastes" the swing. His swing is quite odd. He seems to have better than average timing. Not a lot of power I would guess. This is a testament to "swing easy" and move around the course that way, rather than learning a power game. Myself, when I swing "easy" I hit the ball 240 or 250 with a driver. I often wonder is it really necessary to swing harder? To hit the ball 270 or 280? It is nice to hit wedges into a green, but I could still score well without pummeling the ball, and just playing strategically.

orkayen says:

if we draw a line between the ball and the target, he keeps the club head at around 30 deg (note, not facing the target) to the target. By doing this he brings the club head in-to-out. Is this the reason he is able to keep the ball in the fairway or hit it straight?

bronwyn atkins says:

i can do this and it does work

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