2 Key Tips to drive the golf ball

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Catrin Sports Coaching says:

I liked it. good coaching

raja shalini says:

Let's see if this works..struggling with the driver..thanks

Daniel Profitt says:

Thanks Jack, awesome tips brother

Anonymous says:

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out increase your golf drive distance try Pyzork Golf Drive Professor ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy got amazing success with it. 

Patrick Valenzuela says:

great golf advice, compact and logical.

Claudio Chisani says:

The straightening of the right, would that apply to the irons as well? Thank you so much Jack. 

Richard Cox says:

Wish you were in SA

Richard Cox says:

Jack no bull just simple direction just what I need 

Kraiigx says:

My ball likes to fly over to the right a lot so I hope I can correct it with these tips

Multispek mutvimanex says:

Connan elliot says u should straighten ur right arm as late as possible to create the most force

Jessica Allevton says:

Great share on this thanks

Kevin Richards says:

The best swing instruction, period. To me, you have basically shared the SECRET OF THE GOLF SWING! I am now practicing taking small swings (hitting the ball about 50 yards out with all my clubs) and I am so convinced that these drills of hitting the ball this distance with assist me, and ingrain this movement naturally until it becomes second nature. I actually don't want to play. I want to practice until I truly don't have to think about my right arm anymore. Right leg flex, pivoting and the clearing of the left side explaination is summed up very, very well and understood. Thank you, you are the man! Kev

Ha Tien says:

Thank you for  the instruction

Ha Tien says:

Keep youi wrist relaxed , do not cast with your wrist. It will hold the leg and release at proper time. Thanks for the tips

Luis Hernandez says:

Totally wrong.

teewoods says:

Actually its showing not what to do that makes people realize their mistakes!

teewoods says:

you are clueless

stan madon says:

you absolutely right ,about Ernie`s video ;i think that guy who tells you to strighten your right arm on down swing .he does`t know what he is talking about

barblak1 says:

Is this for real?

joe Blunt says:

you say this why? your a tour pro…I dont think nitwit

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