20 Minute Golf Workout 2

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After watching Tiger Woods finally win again Drew from http://beerbellybegone.com/ put together the 2nd installment in the 20 Minute Golf Workout series. If you have 20 minutes to spare you can get in a great golf specific workout.

Drew might not have the greatest swing but in this short Golf Workout Circuit he shows you how to build greater core rotational strength and balance that will add 10 yards to your drive.

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Ideserva Tuggy says:

After watching my first 4 golf strength/flexibility based training videos I'm looking forward to a "gaurenteed" 70 yard increase my next round!:)

Rakesh Thapa says:

I've been studying ways to improve your golf and found a great website at Gavs golf tactic (google it if you are interested)

DiogoSantosROLF says:

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D Slatt says:

you want ten yards to your shots? Just add vaseline to the face of your club and don't bother with the work out

vac838 says:

I would not take ur advice 2 better my golf swing based upon the swing u showed at the beginning(some very simple/beginner mechanics r not present). That said, I will agree u can probably help w/ "rotational core strength" but I will "guarantee that NOT EVERYONE will gain 10 yards to their drive this coming golf season". I will honestly state that I need to watch ur other videos, but 2 guarantee some1 will gain 10 yards to any club w/out seeing their swing is def. an ignorant/negligent claim

gerome vincent says:

Oh I'm ready!!

cagyeman says:

Great tips man, thanks alot!

Bill M says:

Thanks!….I am ex- gym rat now in mid 50's …these are helpful exercises to induce lost strength and flexibility to aging weekend golfers with time constraints/busy lives! Nice job!!!

vac838 says:

did you upload the video? or just blowing the doing the "acing" ???

gretzkyz says:

Trolls are out in force. Here is an idea. Go lick a fat cock. These are some of the best tips I have seen so far on YouTube for golf exercises. So do us a favor and fuck off. I don't see you making any videos. No, because that takes actual skill and time. It's easier to just talk out your ass. To the uploader, I don't mean to swear but these assholes piss me off. You took the time to make a great video and all they do is try and cut you down with bullishit observations. Keep up the videos man.

gretzkyz says:

Fuck off asshole. He isn't giving golf tips you moron. But you obviously can't understand the point of this video. So there is no point in talking to a shit stain like you.

vac838 says:

should def work on your "acing" acehole
…. must agree with badbaby727

sentinel153 says:

Did you find that the first video was lacking so you created this second one, or are you just mixing it up with a little variety? Regardless awesome workouts. Thanks for putting up the videos!

Dane Higgs says:

Thanks so much for both workouts. I am a single digit handicap over 50 years old. I decided the best way to get better at this point is to lose weight and get in better shape. You make these look easy. They are not that easy for me. Thanks again.

Michael Sweat says:

you can know about fitness and not have a good swing…this increases flexibility and core strength, which are the most important aspects to work on in the gym, the swing mechanics comes on the practice range, my friend..

Team3BG says:

haha yeah, not claiming to be an amazing golfer. just threw together a nice workout for those interested. If you check out our first video we poke fun at the very thing you just mentioned. Thanks for stopping by

sarai lezcano says:

watched your swing in the beginning. And realized I shouldn't listen to someone who clearly has no idea about the mechanics of a swing. Cheers.

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