20 Minute Golf Workout

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It’s time to dust off the irons and hit the links. But before you do, watch Drew from http://www.beerbellybegone.com/ as he takes you through the 20 Minute Golf Workout. This quick workout will improve your balance, strength, power and core stability. All guaranteed to add 10 to 30 yards to your drive. Who couldn’t use a little extra length?


The boys from Team3BG

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David Dunn says:

Good form, but have you ever heard of a thing called time under tension?  SLOW it down brah 

Diego Raigosa says:

This guy knows nothing about golf core rotational exercises. stay away from it if you wsnt to prevent muscle inbalance and therefore bsd swing.

Sam5412 says:

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weigeec says:

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gretzkyz says:

This is perfect. Thank you.

Yanks says:

How often do you recommend doing this workout?

Team3BG says:

Haha, yes it is! Lauries Gym

Team3BG says:

Thanks man- The second video will be out soon just in time for the Masters!

8199ajeb says:

thanks for the video…..any new ones for golf?

yankee76 says:

Finally a golf workout that is actually a workout. Nice dude. I am going to give this a try tomorrow.

Team3BG says:

20 Minute Golf Workout II is coming up next month…

alexander seger says:

Great video man!

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