3 Simple Golf Warm Up Exercises – Stretching For Golf

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This is a simple golf warmup using a club.

1. Shoulder Raises – ease into this one. Start with club on this, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise up to chest high, bring back down to legs, then continue to raise higher until you feel you can’t go anymore. The speed should be medium.

2. Golf Rotations – Grip wide on the club. Get in to your golf posture. Rotate back and through, starting shorter, then gradually rotating to what your normal golf swing will be. 10 total rotations each side.

3. Partial Toe Touches – Again wide grip on club, bend at waist so club goes to the knees. The come back up. Keep going lower and lower, til you feel you can’t go any lower. Do this for 10 repetitions.

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