A Few Exercises For increasing Golf Swing Power.

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http://www.athleticquickness.com/golfswingspeed.asp Faster club head speed and longer drives are always the result when training the muscles used in the golf swing for speed. This exercise demonstrates how to use the resistance band with an isometric strategy to quicken and strengthen the speed fibers in your muscles.


Golffitacademy says:

good stuff!

TheCodejuice says:

those could work but you're better off just going to a fitness store and buying them. They aren't too expensive.

FarCanaI says:

I was confident of adding 50 yards to my drives by copying these exercises, Unfortunately i didn't have any bands like u have so i used normal elastic bands. They didn't really have any resistance and snapped as soon as i lifted my arm up with part the band twatting me in the face..
The question i want to ask is – would bungee ropes that i use on my car roof rack work?

Lard Griffin says:

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N LS says:

What's your take on this: watch?v=QRDALX5SRUs&feature=related – I cannot stand the Somax stuff I really can't, but wanted to know your take.

Kier06 says:

lets go over that again…. OR just replay that bit of the video. and save about 5 minutes of your time.

smithersandburns says:

Those are some pretty snazzy guitar riffs. I am super pumped up. This video is eventually going to start right?

paul Durso says:

yeah coz nadal doesnt use isometric training, or federer or bruce lee or tyson. your a plank. it may not work for you, maybe your just shit….. normal bicep curl. the bit that works the bicep 1 sec or 9 degrees… isometric training is for 30 sec at 1 degree, work out what will be harder on the arm… qualified fitness instructor and tennis coach and plasterer and 100 metre holder 11.04 @15 years old. maybe you should listen and practise….

Dennis Baril says:

disagree ….. isometric contractions do work – suggest giving it a serious try dismissing it ….

charliekinggolf says:

this is really good!!! thanks for the idea! … keep posting I'll follow..

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