A Game Golf Instruction HowTo Grip the Club like Tiger Woods

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This golf instruction video describes and shows you how to grip the golf club just like Tiger Woods, as well as the other variations that are possible. There are 9 different variables to consider in achieving the correct golf grip specifically made for you. Each golf grip style is fully illustrated along with the advantages and disadvantages of each grip style so that you can decide which golf grip is best for you based on your hand size, skill level, strength, and desired ball flight characteristics. A correct golf grip is a critical part of a sound golf swing and knowing which golf grip to use can help you score better and have more fun on the golf course.


Train For Golf says:

Really liked your video! Subscribe to my channel for free golf training videos.

Antonio GV says:

Congratulation. This video is, in my opinion, the best explanation about the golf grip. It contribute to understand the best way to manage the grip. Thanks.

Ham Anuphap says:

this is exactly, what am i looking for. I have a wirst hurting problem and finding a alternative grip change. Thank you a lot

Ham Anuphap says:

this is exactly, what am i looking for. I have a wirst hurting problem and finding a alternative grip change. Thank you a lot

Sebastian Karim says:

detail. thanks!!

TK Hanke says:

very well explained, the markings on the palm was a great help

Lawrence J says:

Why would I want to grip it like Tiger, have you seen his game lately?

Bransoud4 says:

Great video

Llewellyn Schoeman says:

Best video I've ever seen about the golf grip and the options available. Detailed but not complicated.

intensity123 says:

This sounds stupid, but this video changed my golf game. I'm a beginner and I've had a problem with hitting a push/block shot constantly. I strengthened up my grip according to this video and instantly started bombing them arrow straight from driver to wedge. Best grip video I've seen yet. 

james eadie says:

As they say in Scotland Pure Pish … However if you slice ..  the 10 finger grip is best .  .  . but check your ball position and hands forward 

djc2609 says:

best grip video that i've seen with no ambiguous explanations. I've been frustrated with a few minor uncertainties about my grip and this has sorted them out.

kelco9 says:

Wow! I have played golf for 44 years, read countless books, and this by far the best and clearest explanation of a golf grip that I have ever seen. It taught me a few things I never knew, and I'm going to share it with everyone golfer I know. Thanks!

Eric Rakeems says:

Great share on this thanks

james eadie says:

does help when jerking off

a0nmusic says:

Thanks for your effort. Great video. Really informative

mankindhoov says:

This doesnt work for me.. I have long fingers and when I do this, I end up leaving the club head wide open.. I need to slide my left hand way over to the right .. am i doing something wrong?

Doggepe says:

1. Become Golf Pro. 2. Earn ~50 million dollars a year.

Barry says:

Thank you for this lesson. I have never seen the golf grip broken down so thourghly. I had always believed that there were only three golf grips. Thanks again,
this video is a keeper !

john says:

I have been gripping the club wrong for 20 years..hopefully this will help issues with my pinky soreness

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