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vijay punia says:

can u pls analyze Zach Johnson's swing

Olivier Barents says:

Adam, thank you for the analysis. I like your channel as it gives a more explanatory approach on why and what you should be doing. In this respect I noticed that adam scott has the shaft of his club a bit tilted backward in is stands, which influence the direction of the clubface. My question to you: when aiming should your clubface be facing the target while the shaft is (somewhat) straight upwards or should it face the target in the tilted position? In the downswing of Adam Scott your see that at the moment of impact the shaft is straight so that would be my guess when aligning but need your wisdom in this! thanks

Liria Echarri says:

Adam, congratulations! In a single video you are able to resolve doubts for golfers of very different levels. Very enlightling.


Robert Morley says:

Joseph Bazalgette was the 19th century English civil engineer who designed and built the sanitary sewers in London. Any relation?

Pastor Ray Elliott says:

The driver and stance I now I know why I hit one side or the other. your course on golf has helped me. my game had improved very much 4 strokes off and my putting has improved thank you. keep at it your instructions are for all walks of a golf person easy to understand you keep it in the kiss philosophy. thank you.

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