Amazing Chipping – It took me 26 years to learn this one thing

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I’m excited about this video and if you learn this one thing and use it in every area around the green no matter what you technique you will become better and more consistent than you have ever been, in fact you’ll become dangerous!! dm


KountryCuz1 says:

Just one Ball in the hole Wow you need to work on that

Mina Elizondo says:

This makes so much sense…thanks for posting the video.

Skylordtime Playz says:

Thanks! Ambassador throw my golf bag to the cart path but I was able to finish 18 holes.

Robert Pellegrino says:

Encouraging the general public to practice chipping from the course green? Have you been around the general public? Those big yellow spots on the course grass aren't from practicing ….
enough said 🙂

Jeffrey Fritschler says:

what club was being used? PW or something with more degree?

pierre richard Dalcourt says:

I like the camera angle at the end ….good vid mate

what a plonker rodney says:

It took you that long I do it all the time and I'm a greenkeeper so I no the damage a wrong shot will do I can flop them off the green and all sorts

Lee Langolf says:

what club (56 degree?) and what kind of bounce

Jordan Martinka says:

another thing to note is.. most experienced players probably already know, but u should keep your weight on your front foot when hitting these chip shots or youll lose some consistence, i started doing this a few weeks ago actually before i seen this video, and my chip shots r so much better, shaves loads off your score card if u cant hit gir very well

Jock Mac says:

Club captain caught me whacking away on the 6th green. Thanks for the advice man. He's holding a meeting next Thursday. Looks like I'm a goner, thing is, there was only a few divots, as I replaced most of the others. The only other place I can go is my local 9 hole pitch and putt course. Thanks Again.
Last time I will ever take advice from You Tube 🙁

geansai333 says:

I've been aware of this, and I figured that maintaining structure through the right arm, such as a tight right armpit, a straight right elbow at impact, is the basic structure required for this shot. I'm too late to the game to avoid mechanical ideas, yes… but I wonder have these thoughts occurred to you, during your search?

Monadnock Steel Monadnock Steel says:

LOL, so this is why I see divots on greens

Gerald Byrne says:

Holy Crap!  This is the method of chipping that I have used for the past 20 years. I was never taught this, but found this by experiment and lots of practice.  Combining this method with a quality, predictable golf ball instead of buying what's on sale (I only play ProV1 or ProV1x) has helped to make my short game the overwhelming strength of my game.  It's nice to play 18 holes of golf and have a large number of one putts (I've had as many as twelve in a single round).  I have even expanded this method out to around a 50 or 60 yard distance, with great success.  Here in Florida we have a lot of tight lies, especially in the winter on courses that do not overseed.  I have even joked that I could chip accurately off of concrete (not a good idea in reality)!  Thanks Dave for confirming my method.  I definitely support this recommendation.  I have had a lot of golfers ask me over the years how I am able to chip so accurately. The next time someone asks, I'm going to refer them to this video!  Keep up the good work!


You're on the green with a simple putt. Why are you chipping? Idiot.

Fuzzy Dunlop says:

Sorry, but I can't take anyone serious who calls the grip 'the handle'.

Bob Wv says:

What club are you using?

Simon Cheung says:

Excellent advice for chipping!

Murray Price says:

How much bounce do you have on the club

Thebros says:

26 Years?  There is Ritalin,  ya no.

David Bennett says:

His point is to not take divots with the short game. Many pros do this on tour. I have also found this to make my short game more accurate.

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