Amazing Pendulum Wave Effect!

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Be sure to watch the entire video to see all of the patterns that are created. At the end of the video there are 2 links to watch 2 more versions of the video.

This is a very well known effect that has been performed a countless number of times. I wanted to try and different version by using the black lights and also to add a little production value instead of just simply showing the effect.

The effect works by using a formula that provides the specific length for each string. When all of the pendulums are started at once the patterns will start to form. The pattern resets after about 1 minute. I glued white poster board on the sides of the nuts and used a black light, causing the white to glow.

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Name of song “Break Emotion”

Check out 2 more versions of the pendulum wave effect:

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timothy lanfranco says:


Marek Boda says:


Wasago Games says:

I saw it on 9gag

О Чёмбе says:

Оо! В темноте-то ещё более эффектно смотрится этот старинный фокус-мокус.

Lamivern says:

increasingly confusing dragon

Michael Elleby Hagenau 7A Holme Skole says:

Most epic thing ever lol xd

Khandsuren Natsagdorj says:

Can someone explain to me why this happens?
Its quite hypnotizing 😅 but still beautiful

Özge Özden says:


Diego Alvarado says:

Can you provide instruction or a link with good ones? I will highly appreciate.

たくあんの妖精 says:


Eugene Torres says:

what are the materials needed for this? need help.

Ranga says:

Satifitayly gave it a 5/7 it god but no have doggo disleik!

loopyfroot says:

wow it looks like DnA at some points

S.m. amirul Islam says:

i love that

Lionel Obino says:

The entire motion like behavior is an illusion. A precise mathematical model of the phenomenon can be Obtained by solving for a dynamical system of 12 Differential equations one for each pendulum. Variation of the pendulum length leads to the discrepancy in the period. By Solving for the position of each pendulum (select an appropriate coordinate to project the position) at an arbitrary time t > 0 , you will get a beautiful description of the motion. Have fun.


omg thats really awesome nice job

ImbrollAI says:

fucking kill yorself you nignog

Manuel Tiago says:


Cliffton T says:

That's pretty neat can you make an instruct able for the leds you used I have an idea to build on this. Not as a pendulum though.

Jordan Munroe says:

The frequency of a pendulum is inversely proportional to its length. The rest is just resonance. Cool effect though. 🙂

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