Arnold Palmer Exclusive Interview

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Matt Adams sits down with Arnold Palmer or an exclusive interview prior to the 2015 Masters.


nick harris says:

great interview..what a guy

Denny Law says:

I miss him just being in the world, because he simply makes it a better place. I met him at the Masters twice and he was the nicest pro I ever met. The only guy that comes close to him was Ernie Els that's not only a great golfer, but a great man as well also. I'm really thankful for men like this along with Gary Player and Jack and people like that, instead of all the trash talking criminals in other sports we pay millions to so they can act like thugs and do jail time and drugs. I can't even watch them anymore and I give my time and respect to golf more than any sport by far thanks to men like Mr. Palmer and those like him.
May God bless them for all the good they do that give us something to look up to and act like.

Jeffrey Palmer says:

I loved the man. and haven't given up on trying to figure out his grip and swing process.

Robert Rutger says:

You could tell Arnie was on the downslide here. He seemingly never had a bad thing to say about anyone. A total class act and consummate gentleman. Thanks for posting this.

Moonwalker3797 says:

Now you are playing golf in the sky

DAVID R says:

He'd sign every autograph, regardless of how demanding it was of him, responded to every fan letter, was truly the best sportsman there ever was; will never be another like him. RIP

David Andrew says:

RIP means "Rest in peace." It's a very appropriate comment at the death of a very fine golfer and man.

ThatsJoeDirt says:

How can you not love this freakin guy! I just wanna give him a hug for some reason lol (no homo)

Golf Geek says:

Just pure class! What an incredible life Mr Palmer Had! 😃👍

Victor Cheung says:

Just watched his youtube interview by Graham Bensinger last week….R.I.P. Mr. Palmer, you'll be missed.

R D Kelly says:

R.I.P. Arnold

You'll be missed!

majorsmythe1 says:

ICON of golf. Paved the way that grew the game,, and also couple golf with business. RIP KING.

Christopher Adams says:

To the best, let's all raise a glass of half and half!

Robert Reid says:

What a remarkable man ! Truly passionate about the game of golf plus what he has done with his charities.

James Scott says:

Great man with such an obvious and enduring love for the game of golf

Phil Williams says:

his record Speaks for itself a true golf champion

seemlyme says:

Cool. thank you so much

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