Basic Golf Etiquette & Techniques : Tips for Reading the Green in Golf

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Ben Blackshaw says:

Yeah i guess this seems logical. I'll go try it when i play.

Scampern says:

If you can't see the break, the break is not large, however it cannot still prevent your ball from going in. A tip if you can't read the break on the shortest putts.
Aim straight down the cup and be firm. Practise hitting 2-3 feet past the whole, or even more. The ball will go through the small break if there is one and drop. LEt me know if it helps 🙂

Ben Blackshaw says:

lol everyone says this thing about water but how do we know which way the water is gonna go if we don't know which way it breaks with those short little putts if we don't know which we it breaks? it's like a continuous circle.

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