Best Driver Video – Drive the Ball Without Slicing It

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THIS VIDEO is now one of the MOST WATCHED and is the MOST COMMENTED on GOLF video on You-Tube…Thank you so much for the support! This video represents only 6 minutes of an ENTIRE SYSTEM! Try my system for FREE @ TODAY, you have nothing to lose…But Strokes!


Bilbo Baggins44 says:

Like Joseph A. Valle, I've never left a YouTube comment in my life. I must admit, I first watched Rob Bernard's video with some skepticism – I've sliced the ball my entire life, typically taking 30-50 yards off my drives and spending a good portion of my round in the trees, on other fairways etc.
What struck me about Rob's video immediately was how easy it was, and how what he described was completely logical. There were no gimmicks, no voodoo, just a simple explanation of the mechanics of the golf swing. I looked at the alignment of my shoulders and I was indeed lining up 50 or so yards away from my target, and I was coming outside-in on the ball, setting me up for a slice each and every time.
This morning I went out for a quick round at our local course and stood on the first tee with a bit of fear in my heart as I set up the way Rob described, and picked a spot in the grass to focus on behind the ball. This was the FIRST time I had actually tried to swing this way, so I wasn't expecting very much. I was absolutely STUNNED when the ball came off my club with no effort whatsoever, and went DEAD STRAIGHT 200 yards without even swinging hard. This was repeated over and over during the round using the exact set-up that Rob described in the video.
Anybody who can teach like this through a 6 minute video obviously has a gift. Thanks for this amazing video – this is the most excited I've been about the game of golf since I was a kid, and that's a long time ago now!

jdang307 says:

I love all of your videos. I've seen so many, and they are all different and some of them don't make sense. Yours are short, to the point. I just grabbed your Center of Gravity course on sale. For $60 it's a no brainer.

cheeky-poo says:

Do a video teaching Jo Pesci and Danny Devito and Vincent Pastori.

Tony Wood says:

Rob, so pleased I came across your video. Such a great tip. I've been having the same problems as everyone else, slicing my driver. Went to the range just now to try this out and was hitting the ball much better. With quite a few drives the ball did veer off to the right (I'm a right hander), so started straight for a long way then went to the right as it was coming down. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong to make that happen? I use a neutral to strong grip, two knuckles showing. I've always struggled to stop coming over the top as well.

Joseph A. Valle says:

I never leave comments, but I have to comment on this video. I was at the range after a three year absence from golf and my driver was dangerous. Not kidding. I was worried about people's safety. The 3 wood wasn't much better than the driver. I had a corporate game coming up and I honestly thought I would be hitting my 4 iron off of every tee.
I watched this video, took ten minutes before the corporate game at the range and was astonished. I have NEVER hit my driver this good on purpose. I had learned to play a large fade/slice and would only hit it straight by accident. Plus it was 30-50 yards longer. – NOT an exaggeration.
I would place the ball on the tee 5-6 inches from a divot or something that I could use as to remind me to not swing for the ball. It worked great. Instead of 150 yards straight and 50-100 yards to the right all that spin was transferred into 250-280 yards straight.
I was so used to aiming left I lost a couple in the fescue along the left side of the fairway, and one drive I just hit too damned far. When I didn't have a good "on the ground aid" I would fade it a little. All in all I think I hit ONE real slice that day. I can't wait to get back to the range/course.

Cheezburger 61 says:

Best instruction ever…..Thanks. Why do others make it so difficult?


Wow this is what I have been looking for

ThreesharpsA says:

After years of struggling to hit the ball straight with a driver, this simple tip has changed everything. I took lessons from good teachers, purchased a number of video courses, spent hours and hours at the range. When people watched me swing, I always got a lot of positive comments. Yes, I have the club in all the right positions, yes I swing on the right inside-out path, but damn it, getting the driver square at impact turned into a nightmare. One drive right into the woods, the next hole, snapping the wrist too quickly and left into the woods. 4-6 penalty strokes off the tee, in every round. .. I had to hit 3-wood off the tee and was a little better.

I tried this, this morning, after the usual inconsistent drives. It must have been the extra 4 inches I needed at the bottom to get square. I just couldn't believe what was happening, 25 – 30 drives in a row, in the fairway – some a little fade at the end, most with a slight draw. The crazy thing was that I didn't make any big change to my swing. I was also hitting 15-20 yards further than when I was able to time everything properly before, (1 in 5 swings) starting the driver right behind the ball, like most people.

I'm off to check out the rest of this man's course. I had actually stopped playing that often, maybe a few times a year, I was so pissed off getting in trouble of the tee all the time and having a solid rest of the game, with shorter length clubs. Now I'm looking forward to playing again.

I'm still shaking my head, how could it have been so simple, just getting that extra split second to square the club at impact. I knew I was so close. This was the answer I needed.

Kayla Quigley says:

thh only smart guy making videos. Great advice

yesidoskate says:

joe pesci teaches golf now?

marknsx says:

I've never hit drives so straight in my life! Ball trajectory starts low and piercing. Thanks Rob!

Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn says:

This might be just what I'm looking for! Will go to the range soon and try this technique. I can hit my 5 iron and up just fine, but the driver is a joke! Thanks

Masankho Banda says:

Wow! I watched this video yesterday and today four of my six drives went straight down the middle and I even hit my fairway woods straight using the same method. Thank you! I need to watch more of your video's and I will 🙂

Simon Bannister says:

Lovely simple description of my problem; you have really helped me out. Thank you

bwcurmudgeon says:

Great tip.  Really works,  Thanks

Crazy Canuck Golfer says:

Just a quick follow up to my post from 4 months ago. I have not played since them but teed it up in Sanibel last week. Had to use rental clubs  and even though I shot 92 (iron play was awful) I did not hit once slice off the tee!!! Thanks again!!

saltyseahawksfan says:

I would give anything to get off tee box…..makes me not be able to golf with friends cause im embarrassed .

Martin Turano says:

Thank you! best drill ever.

Christian Melville says:

You've helped me so much…

Herb patterson says:

Great video! Do you place the say, 3 hybrid ball position in the iron position or more towards the fairway wood COG? Thx so much. Best, Herb

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