Best (& easiest) drill for correct golf downswing movement sequence

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If you want to make your best golf swings then you need to swing from the ground up on your down swing. Here is a really simple way to get you doing this and to improve your order of movement during your down swing sequence, allowing you to hit longer and strike more consistently with every swing.


Deborah Paton says:

best explination of starting the downswing on youtube….cheers

Young Chung says:

The most brilliant way to explain the sequence of downswing. Thank you!

vimal Mittal says:

Can u be my coach? So clear concept best lessons ever!

David Willett says:

I can see the knee should contact the wall first but are you sure the hip should contact the wall before you have made "contact" with the ball? Shouldn't the hip be clearing and not contacting the wall until the force of the right side (momentum) brings you into a vertical finish?

Sonny Hong says:

Great drill.

Peter Brewer says:

You give the impression that the handle of the club should go down the target line. Tricky….when one knows the club should go round the left side with the left arm folding. I think the club head should not stay on the target line. Maybe it's because you can't smash it into the wall!

WIlliam Everett says:

Why not just mimic what Henry Cotton suggests. Take a club and smash a tire square. Nothing needs to happen if you square up at impact. Grip it and hit it as John Daily said. You don't even talk about hitting from behind which prevents over the top.

drmwm1 says:

Fantastic explanation & visual presentation, thanks!

justjames1111 says:

Great explanation and Drill.



Allan Crowder says:

great visual and physical drill, love the channel.

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