Best Golf Tips: How To Score Low Like a PGA Tour Pro

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Best Golf Tips: How To Score Low Like a PGA Tour Pro

No matter if you are a 100’s shooter, or a low single digit handicapper. One thing we all have to learn is how to go low. The good new is that it is more of a mindset than a skill set to break through and shoot your best scores ever.

In this video I go over one of the best tips to go low and shoot your best score ever while plating golf. Once you use this tip to shoot your best scores, it will be easy to transfer this over to a normal round of golf.

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David James says:

Awesome Tricks!!! Golf Instruction says:

No problem. You can sign up through your desktop. We have an app for mobile users and the full site, with a lot more features for desktop. Hope this helps. ~Clay Ballard

BPhife says:

I would sign up but hate signing up for things on mobile.

FitFast8 says:

I think Da Ya was just saying he wrote the first comment. Some people are easily pleased! Golf Instruction says:

I don't think your full question got posted Da Ya. How can I help you? ~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

The proper release is one of the main points of instruction on the site. You will want to watch the left hand release video in the downswing section. Click over to sign up for your free membership from this video and you will receive a lot of great instruction that is no charge. You can sign up for a premium membership if you want to watch all of the release videos. Good luck with your game! ~Clay Ballard

KMAN10694 says:

what are thoughts on handle dragging? is it something that you cover on the site!

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