(Best Long Drive Golf Lesson Ever) Hit Your Driver 400 yards

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Let Sandy Jamieson teach you how to hit your driver better and further than Tiger. Don’t kid yourself any longer learn how to hit the ball further than ever. There are lots of tossers out there and I am one of them, but hey you have to laugh at yourself. forget the best golfers in the world this is about you the club golfer who works for a living


Brad Junes says:

On one hand I wanted to give you a thumbs down, on the other, nice video idea. thanks. Guys I play with wouldn't let me claim a 400 yarder with 2 hits though, but I have had 2 hole in ones on 280 yard hole and 11 eagles in one year. 400 yard drive claim sure got my attention.

MrStevie57 says:

Haha,I didn't think he looked like he could hit 400 yards.

Bealestreetplayer says:

that was funny! hit it twice!! lol!! I hit it 300-320 when I get my hips and legs and arms working together and really go after it.  But a good solid swing with good mechanics and not over swinging and maybe at 80% I can hit it around 270 to 290 and in the middle of the fairway. I go after it and not make a good solid swing it goes off in the rough or the adjacent fairway left or right of the fairway I am playing or I get somewhat lucky and get that 300 yards to 320 down the middle and then I reward myself with a terrible iron shot that leaves me with a chip shot because I missed the damn green from 80 yards! ugh!!

rico305305 says:

fucking clown!

Linh Vũ Golf Coaching says:

amazing guy
.I like video and see you soon in youtube.

Zombiehunter115 says:

90% of the weekend golfers won't hit the ball over 300 yards they r kidding themselves, as he said without weight training, hitting balls everyday or 3 to 4 times a week or have some high level of skill they got no chance.

Steve D says:

Most people just don't realise that what their doing is wrong. I weigh 135lbs and can hit the ball 270yrds on average now that i've started golfing with a friend who is a club professional compared to 230-240 regularly. He taught me about creating lag and that is where you get that real distance from. The harder you try to hit the ball, the harder you squeeze the club creating less flexibility. You need a whip like action along with speed of rotation to start gaining some distance.

bobbelonie says:

LOL! This. Was. Great. I clicked on this clip in anger like: 'Hmpf… here's another butthole telling me I can hit my driver 430 yards tommorow…' I LOVED this, thanks

Sean Matthew Whitfield says:

This is great!!!! Excellent instruction

Steve Upisleeve says:

Great, true vid. Props.

trojun74 says:

that was weak and slow clubhead speed

cas cal says:

you fuckwit

Branden Anderson says:

My ball did not go miles, it went into the hazard.

gethin thomas says:

So funny yet true

Johnny B says:

This guy is an ass

cndvd says:

Aww, you fkg fag ! ,….. "take two strokes"?? I knew you're a phony when driving with 11.5 driver. Who drives with a 11.5 ?
Pros hit over 300 they max out at 370-400 not at 306. C'mon. 238 that's pathetic for a Pro, but good for a average weekend player.

H. Lin Palmer says:

i have a 9.5 , think i might want to change to get distance

Clifton Regis says:

omg why did i watch the whole thing lol

saintcruzin says:


michael says:

Key to hitting the driver over 300 yards: Flexibility and athletism, hit the gym and regular stretches.

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