Blaire’s Golf Lesson with Kelvin Miyahira – Part 1

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Ask 247 says:

Wow..! this is exactly what I went through last year… went through a Swing change (as advised by a coach) and my game has lost completely. Exactly what Blair's talking about now… How did you get back to your old swing? like you, I've lost the feeling and consistency..!

Triis31113 says:

lol I like how kelvin legit predicted Lydia kos struggles and exit from leadbetter

Icekuul says:

Ahhhh…Newtown!  Stomping grounds!

Ross Bennett says:

Man, watching this video has scared me a lot. I had played golf about 20 times before this year and have just gone crackers since the first of jan, trying to play as much as I can. I'm not normally one to boast, but I sort of feel I am what kelvin describes as a thoroughbred in golf. I play purely on feel, never had a lesson and I have my hands very forward like they mention in this video. I was hooking for a while cause of this, but I realized quickly that only happened when I was tryna hit too hard and my right hand was closing the face too fast. I have been watching all these videos lately trying to better my technique, but looking at what happened to Blaire I'm just going to keep on doing it without any major changing of technique. Lately I have tried this open face flipping technique and yes it seems to hit the ball straight with no draw or fade but it is so hard to get it straight at the pin, often left or right. I wish I started playing earlier, now 25, I know that it's too late for me to go pro arrgh! Funny how they mentioned Lydia Ko, I'm also from NZ and she was trained as youngster just across the road from me here in Albany. Also, I feel Blaire will get back to his best soon, his swing is just so sick, and knowing that you have been that low before has got to give you confidence that you can do it again, of course you can! rooting for you!

tatchy1001 says:

I'd love to see a list of the Tour pros Kelvin has taught compared to Leadbetter lol

Barnekkid says:

Kelvin's a cool guy, he's very patient.  Next time take a cab.  That's a hike.

leedog says:

not a fan of an instructor who talks bad about another instructor.

the links lizard says:

if tiger had have learned leadbetters way his body and back wouldn't be like it is today.

Sean Daily says:

I could listen to Kelvin talk about golf all day long.

Leonard Robinson says:

Good distance

Vic Pick says:

Amazing. This really hit home with me. I was shooting low 70's with my swing that felt great. I went to lead better academy in Orlando multiple times and seem to get nothing but the shanks. This inspired me to revert back to my feel swing. Now I am back to the low 70's and improving. LOVE the MTI videos.


Great video, good production quality, what kind of wireless mic does Blaine have? it's great in the wind.

cgasucks says:

Blair should fucking sue that coach that fucked up his swing…

Carl Carlson says:

Love these vids Gabe! I went from being an all state high school player to a college kid who can shoot 68 one day and 87 the next. Crazy game. Love it though!

Christopher Rendler says:

This is fascinating stuff

Paul Booij says:

I didn't realize Gabe could laugh like a girl. Listening to him laugh at Blair jumping the fence made me laugh so hard.  Hats off to Gabe for responding to every single comment i have posted so far 🙂

stewart s says:

lol!! love the rap, Blair needs fence jumping lessons more than golf lessons!!!

Brandon Kikuchi says:

I totally agree with all of this. I'm still trying to get away from being too mechanical with my swing since it messed me up.

robo931 says:

I'm such a huge fan of Blaire. And as a fellow player who has completely lost their swing, I hope both he and I can find our games again quickly!

David Vogel says:

Great rap!!

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