Bobby Jones consoles W.C. Fields on his poor golf swing

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Golfing great Bobby Jones consoles W.C. Fields on his poor golf swing and gives him some help. Probably filmed sometime during the 1930s or early 40s. Note that Jones calls Fields by the name of “Bill” as the W stood for William. Warner Oland of Charlie Chan fame looks on.

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Brett T says:

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elvicare35 says:

Well, since nobody else is going to mention it, W.C. Fields is an amazing juggler!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Rodriguez says:

This is most likely a scene from "How I Play Golf", a series of short films Bobby Jones made for Warner Bros. during the early 1930's where he teaches golf to to the leading movie stars of the time, including W.C. Fields. Among his friends and colleagues W.C. was known as Bill (for William Claude), and was always called Bill when he appeared on other actors' radio shows.

kylezulu369 says:

this may be a stupid question but is the guy in the video really bobby jones?

John Schwarzkopf says:

I've given up golf" LOL it can't be that bad…"it's worse" lol

Gareth Dowling says:

SteveAdler – the man you are referring to is the Bulgarian Yoceto Drousiev. Does that ring a bell?

stevesattlerfilms says:

Thanks super rare- this was a seris of Bobby Jones films that featured various Movie stars -note here is the actor who played Charlie Chan- can't tell who the man with the Hat is thou.

Dan Anderson says:

Bobby had the sweetest southern drawl, he should have been in movies, pretty decent golfer too

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