Bryson Dechambeau Interesting One Plane Golf Swing

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Jon B says:

almost impossible for this guy to do what tour players do consistently or on demand- hit their long irons high and short irons low. this guy is no science or physics wiz

Ju's Outdoors says:

Square to square.

Scott McGillivray says:

Until he dominates like Tiger Woods, It's tough to say Bryson has any advantage by swinging this way. The PGA's greatest players all have different swings… Rory, Bubba, Phil, Dustin, and Spieth… none are the same. At the PGA level, it really doesn't matter how you swing a club as long as you're somewhat consistent and long. The real difference in score is made on and around the green.

John Hofmann says:

Interesting that even the commentators don't even know the difference between Moe's swing and Dechambeau's. Moe didn't have a one-plane swing because all his clubs had different lengths and lie angles.

Justin Peterson says:

Natural Golf (teaching Moe's swing), succeeded by Graves Golf (founded by Moe disciple Todd Graves) have been essentially teaching this swing for like 30 years. With thousands of zealous, delighted students – but continued skepticism expressed by the mainstream golf world. They finally have an exponent of their swing here. We'll see what happens. I wish them all the best.


People need to quit saying he gets this from Moe Norman. Has nothing to do with Moe. He gets it from the book The Golfing Machine. He's said so 1,000 times but people still keep saying Moe.

Michael Bardeleben says:

Nah, nuts – the scientific concept is sound but then why are all the top coaches trying to get him to swing flatter the conventional way? Because as the body becomes less supple it wont maintain the very demanding angles he has now! Every top coach knows that. Did you see the way Butch Harmon was talking with him on the range at the Masters? He will have to change to a flatter plane if he wants to be successful.

Justin Peterson says:

It's Moe Norman, reincarnated! Awesome!

Simon Suddons says:

This chap may be on to something. I wish him luck.

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