Callaway Live (S2, EP 20) – Hip Hop Legend Scarface

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Brad Jordan, AKA Scarface, joins Callaway Live to talk about his starring role in Callaway’s newly released short film “Golf Lives.” The hip hop legend also talks about how he got hooked on the game and what he’s working on in the studio.

Callaway Live Full Episodes & Highlights:


Chuck Abrams says:

if the old men steal the marker, they would have to "read these nikies"

Louis Jones says:

Face im 46 and been a true fan since getoboys! I still listen but glad to see you evolving my brother 👍

Cardona Adrian says:

Man seeing scareface on Calloway golf just let's you know how far he has come,. I guarantee if you told him he would be doing this golfing stuff much less a Calloway show, he would've laughed at you. He's doing Houston proud right now, lost people can't conphrend what this means man.

steelcity9778 says:

I would love to play a round with Brad Jordan

matthewmp111 says:

Hello Callaway! How does one get tickets for a live taping? Thank you!

Icekuul says:

Loved Scarface growing up…glad that someone from a similar background as I enjoy being outside as much as I do…swinging!  Thanks for this…

MrWhooooooooooo says:

more musicians!

GMOSTL says:

Great video Callaway. Love to see companies go outside of their comfort zone.

Wayne Swisher says:

Never heard of this guy SCARFACE. Good video but would be nice to have seen someone else that everyone knows.

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